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back to work after you retire.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 762 Pioneering
My question is about an activist who on breakfast T V said he didn't want to support an aging population and wanted every one to go back to work after retirement by scrapping the retirement process and leave it open ended?
  So my first question is,  Who supported you while you were at school and before to allow you to have the NHS for all the aliments you had prior to starting work your self?
  Question 2.  Why are you paying into a pension if you are never going to be able to claim it?
  I received this again about lecturing again and cannot except the post since I am registered disabled and because I paid into a private pension it has impacted my benefits.  this means for every POUND I EARN THEY REMOVE 95 PENCE FROM MY BENEFITS AND EARNINGS?
I urgently need someone for the below position..
Role: L3 Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Location: South Wales
Start: January
Duration: On-going, Academic year potentially
Rate: £Negotiable
Additional Info: 3-5 Days PW client is flexible.

  I get about three of these a month.  Would you work for 5 pence an hour?  When even the HMRC say I am £1200 below the threshold for paying TAX?  The council say I have to much pension and therefore deduct benefits accordingly with this extra tax on top if I work?
  I have offered my services for free as long as I can sit when necessary and the answer is no?  What is wrong with everyone I wish I could go back to work even at my age, as the younger generation are the future of this country.  Maybe this guy could help me get a decent wage, or should I say decent tax on what I earn? 


  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 762 Pioneering
    I suppose this is a comment on my part but not sure which topic heading to put it under as it covers more than one.
      I have retired many tears ago and my mobility has suffered especially in the last 5 years, so this was written a while ago but is still relevant every spring.  You can try this and let me know if it helps you?

      Have we any keen gardeners here. I certainly am and have been for many years. I thought I’d give you all a little tip I learned. 😉

    Many years ago I used to keep Hamsters and there, ere lots of droppings to clear up ....we used to add some sugar and boil them up in a big pan.  ( I bought a saucepan from the charity shop for this) and as an experiment.

      I put some in the flower beds before planting my spring bulbs. Well, the results were stunning and I’ve used it every year since with my Tulips.  That’s right............................................’when it’s spring again I bring again, tulips from Hamster Jam ‘

      Does it work for you?  

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