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Hi all, My name is Terry I am a Poet and disability campaigner

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Talking about Sex


Time for a touchy subject, do not snigger, do not yell

Lets all be adult now, as being passionate can be hell

It’s time we spoke about it, get it out there if you will

Nothing kills libido like constant pain and being ill


Explaining to a loved one is the hardest thing to do

Why sex is off the menu, and even cuddling too

Widespread pain and tender skin makes all this a chore

Painful joints, and Fibro fog, IBS and so much more


It takes away your passion, numbs your brain and stops sleep

All your partners wooing, the flowers and chocolates they can keep

No amount of sex toys, dressing up or wonder gel

Will stop it being painful, nor stop it being hell


Inside we do still love them, and want the return of painless days

Where life was made for living, back when the bedroom was ablaze

When hips and lips and senses burned, as the body you explored

And sex was always a delight, and not something you ignored


Some will understand, and honour the vow of come what may

Others cannot handle it and will decide to call it a day

I really wish they understood we don’t love them any less

We want to bare our heart and soul without the need to undress


It seems that in my younger years I was always ready for bed

Why is it now that I need my sleep, should it be the thing I dread?

Again, I feel I failed you, as we kiss and wish good night

I shut my eyes and pray inside please come and make it right


I know there is a distance and I often feel the unease

I do my best and play things down trying too now please

This isn’t what I wanted nor how I had it planned

I wish I could now please you, not tell you sex is banned


Do you know that I still love you, with all my heart and soul

Do you know I made your happiness my lifelong goal

Do you understand that inside you still turn me on

How can I now delight you, now that my libido has gone


My body is a prison, my life is not my own

Pain is what now fills my day, and is worse when it’s full blown

Please say you understand this, and by my side you will always be

Knowing that I still love you and that inside I am still me


©Terry Haslett www.facebook.com/PoetrySoapbox



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