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What do think about VAR in football

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I would other options on VAR in Premiership and should it be rolled out in the championship league in England because past few weeks I have seen the wrong decision made which would have overturned if VAR was in use.

I look forward to getting hearing what others think about VAR in football?


  • mikehughescq
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    The problem with all aspects of refereeing in England is that England is the only country in the world where the refs are not independent. They are effectively employees of the Premier League. Thus they’re not bothered whether decisions are right or wrong. All that matters is entertainment. If VAR wasn’t controversial they would bin it. 

    Run VAR as they run the video ref in rugby and it would be great. Anything it’s than that will always fail.
  • Adrian_Scope
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    I guess it depends on whether football is meant to be a legitimate sporting contest or pure entertainment. If it's a legitimate sporting contest, then high quality refereeing and VAR is a must, but the Premier League has never been solely about sport otherwise the phenomenon of Fergie time wouldn't have existed.
    VAR won't fix anything until refereeing improves, so I would keep it well away from the Championship for now.
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