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Hi, my name is Jazz

Jbass101 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I’m 24 and live in the East Midlands of the UK. I have mixed cerebral palsy and am quadriplegic as a consequence of a difficult birth. It is because of this, I find it difficult to do most things and have carers come to help me out. I also had to have a speech therapist when I was younger. I have been bullied as a child because of my disability and developed Anxiety and Depression as a result of this. I also have PTSD because I faced a lot of abuse growing up and in my past relationships. 

Unfortunately that’s not all…

In November 2017 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis as well and thus am more or less bed-ridden some days because of pain and for my own safety, if I have an illness it takes me longer to recover. 

I lost my biological father when I was 13 and placed in foster care until I was 21. 

Despite all of that I have a degree in drama, am engaged to a wonderful man named Harry and we have a place of our own, I even have a 7 month old furbaby called Smudge. I enjoy gaming, chatting to friends on social media, listening to music and anything arty. 



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