Confirming Identity. Is there a way to get an earlier appointment with the Job Centre?

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My mothers claim for child tax credits ended as she was over paid, she is now in financial hardship and I’ve had to help her make a new claim for UC. Unfortunately we were unable to confirm her identity online, and the job centre can only offer her an appointment on the 4th January. Is there any way to get an earlier appointment, or for them to call her and confirm her identity that way? Can I request this? She has no money to live on as she was expecting a child tax credits payment on 24th December, and really needs an advance of her UC payment. Is there anything I can do to help her speed this up so she can get an advance sooner?


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    I’d imagine with the Christmas and the New Year approaching there was no earlier appointments to offer you as they would have been closed. 
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    She can try leaving a message on her journal to ask if a telephone appointment can be given. There's only the rest of today and tomorrow left and they're closed Monday due to bank holiday.
    Are you aware that any advance payment will need to be repaid back from future UC payments?
    Can she borrow some money from family members in the meantime?