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Losing weight

emilyanne Community member Posts: 68 Courageous
I wanna lose weight 


  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Scope Campaigns Posts: 12,487 Disability Gamechanger
    I think this is something a lot of people can relate to @emilyanne, so you're not alone in having that goal. 

    Have you tried anything so far to help you lose weight?
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  • Ookpik
    Ookpik Community member Posts: 104 Courageous
    Have you thought of having a "Vegan Diet", l went vegan approx 7 years ago and lost 77pds. Not only did l lose all that weight. But l feel a lot healthier as well. The health benefits are great.
    lf you do want to have a go. l can give you advice on this.

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  • woodbine
    woodbine Community member Posts: 11,284 Disability Gamechanger
    I've lost around a stone over the last month (Christmas included) i'm on what I call my tiramusi diet, they sell them in most supermarkets and they are intended for 4 people, I was eating 4 a week to myself, so I've cut them out totally. Have also swapped cake/biscuits at supper time for a yoghurt have also cut down on chocolate.
    @emilyanne good luck.
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  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Scope Member Posts: 43,585 Disability Gamechanger
    Lol @bekindalways at give up hubby and dog over cheese and meat. 
    I would love to be all slim and a size zero, able to shop in the petite Isle. All athletic and rocking smoothies.
    Yet I'm not, crisps are my downfall and sweet things, I don't have any chocolate in or cakes, so I'm contemplating ice cream with chocolate squeezy sauce on and a banana with nuts :# 
    (Walks past petite Isle.)
  • Lisa82
    Lisa82 Scope Member Posts: 201 Pioneering
    Hi @emilyanne I have been trying to lose weight now going on for about 3 years, combined with at least 30 minutes 5 days a week exercises. I was initially 84kg and have since lost 8.3kg (18.29lbs). I lost more than that before but gained it back.

    I've noticed that on the weeks I eat 2 meals (breakfast and tea; skip dinner) keeping hydrated with Robinsons no added sugar cordial, do at least 30 minutes of exercise on quite a few days throughout the week (even in intervals), and use the Slimming World "free" food diet and the Mediterranean diet as a guideline; I lose more weight that week. Also gardening burns more calories in my experience, too, than regular exercise.

    Using the Mediterranean diet and the Slimming World "free" food as a guideline to lose weight (my tips based on what helps for me personally [everyone is different]):

    • I eat only foods that would either be found in the Mediterranean diet or "free" food diet (a snack is ok if consumed in a way that not many calories would be consumed based on my recommended daily calorie intake, and as long as the diet is stuck to carefully)

    • I aim for mainly "free" foods. Combine these in with (limited) Mediterranean diet foods (avoiding white flour, avoid sugar completely, white rice, white pasta, fat [excl olive oil]) [ie a plum crumble made with no flour, no sugar or butter/marge. Instead get some porridge oats, a little honey, (optional spice up with ginger/cinnamon powder; add sultanas, nuts), and a little extra virgin organic (if possible) olive oil as alternatives. It might come out a little dry but is healthy in comparison to the standard crumble recipe using only Mediterranean diet foods and still tastes okay in my opinion for someone who wants to lose weight (quantities are based on personal choice).

    • keep hydrated throughout the day and exercise (at least 30 minutes; can be done in small intervals throughout the day) 

    • I weigh myself more than once before my weighing day to give me a rough idea as to whether I have lost, gained or maintained weight that week [if I have maintained/gained; I try harder/eat less/exercise more before my weighing day, then on my weighing day I wait until the time I weigh myself before I eat anything/I just eat a bit before hand]. Whereas if I have lost I am more likely to stick to the diet more in the hope that by my weighing day I have lost even more 🙂

    Anyway this is just what I do; not advice to anyone as everyone is unique and before an individual takes on exercise or diet it's recommended to consult with a doctor first and follow up their advice; what is suitable and safe for one person may not be for another person is what I suppose I am trying to say 😊

    Anyway take care and I hope my post gives you optimism 
  • Lisa82
    Lisa82 Scope Member Posts: 201 Pioneering
    Hi again @emilyanne sorry I forgot to mention there's also other foods I avoid in my diet and whenever I lose weight on a particular week I treat myself to a takeaway on one or two days that week (stick to the diet (and exercise if possible) the remaining of that week). I treated myself recently as well just for maintaining weight as that is even better than gaining weight and gives me motivation to continue trying to lose weight 

    Anyway I hope your diet goes well and have a lovely safe day and stay warm and cozy 


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