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suspicious anti virus set ups.

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l have received 2 e-mails from a suspicious source, most probably from the same source stating my protection is about to run out. Well, l am with Mcafee and l have well over 8 months of cover left. And Norton l am not signed up to. Please , take a look at some of the poor grammar on these logos.That is another sign ,this is a con
So, what l did was phoned up the true company l am with and showed them the E-Mails. and they said they are not to be clicked on avoid them, they are scammers.
Here are the 2 l received, and most probably this scammer is using all the firewall logos to scam the people. l do hope these wicked people are caught. They are the very reason why the world is in such a mess.
Please be careful when receiving such e-mails. don't click on them

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