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Sensitivity to loud noise and autism - opportunity to partake in dissertation research!

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I'm Suzie, a 22 year old university undergrad student. I'm a queer woman based in Newcastle, UK. I'm currently seeking an ADHD diagnosis, but I suspect I'm autistic too. It's been a long discovery process for me and I'm still working my way through it.

As long as I can remember, I've had issues with noise. I have phonophobia, and sudden, loud noises send my brain into shutdown. I'm terrified of balloons, bonfire night is a nightmare, etc. Among my sensory issues, auditory hypersensitivity takes the cake. So I took this issue close to my heart and turned it into my final research project for my psychology degree.

This study is researching into factors contributing to auditory hypersensitivity in adults. Two things I consider important to fix: 1) so much autism research does not focus on adults; 2) auditory sensory issues are underrepresented in the scientific community. I know first-hand how debilitating they can be - it's important to investigate contributors to begin understanding, and thus helping.

Autistic traits have been shown to correlate with auditory hypersensitivity. This is one of the hypotheses I'm investigating in my dissertation project. I'm looking for participants - anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to take part because all data is wonderful, but to fit the hypothesis, if you are sensitive to noise or autistic, this is the survey for you. It would mean the world if you could fill it out - should take less than 15 minutes. Whether you have similar experiences or not, any and all data is so greatly appreciated, my degree and this project are special to me.

This survey, and link, are entirely anonymous. You will not be identifiable through your answers. The link is here:


If you have any questions, please let me know, either here or by the email given in the survey, I'd love to answer. (I'm new to this site, forgive me if I'm unsure what I'm doing.) 

Have a wonderful day :)

Suzie <3




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