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Mystery skin condition

So I am still waiting on this hospital prescribing sonething that actually works for this smelly skin condition and removes this parasite or whatever it is. 

The new shampoo they prescribed did absolutely nothing. The antimicrobial cream they gave does nothing. However the T gel, brown one for flaky scalp has some small effect. Although not 'effective' obviously but if I was working in this area wouldn't one deduce that it relates to 'something' in this shampoo. Would that not help to establish what this thing might be? 

I mean these people have no interest. This stuff literally hijacked my skin's biome. That is interesting. If they consider themselves proper scientists they should want to solve that. 

I've complained about the surgeries formally and the hospital because of the whole response to this and because I can see that it could similarly cause great psychological distress in anyone. I hope they can finally engage with this and apologise. 


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