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Hi there hope you can help. I want to check here before contacting UC/experience more problems.
21st December 2020 - Made UC claim and stated unemployed and put yes to long term illness/disability question, UC did not request medical evidence. A few days/a week later requested 1 month backdate due to ADHD, my last working day was 18th November 2020 - UC claim was backdated to November 22nd 2020. Due to my last wage being in November I've been paying £59 a month for overpayment from the backdate and £44 for something else I can't remember what for. Instead of being asked to supply medical evidence for LCWRA when I disclosed disability on 21st December 2020 and not working I was only requested to supply medical evidence for disability on 15th January 2021 after requesting backdate for UC. I supplied medical evidence on the day it was requested 15th January 2021, on 21st January 2021 and on 21st April 2021 I had notes on system saying backdate accepted. 

After struggling for way to long on 18th October 2021 on my Journal I asked about LCWRA as I discovered it online when trying to find help. I had never been made aware of it the entire time by neither of the 2 work coaches or case manager who know about the issues I've had related to ADHD and the medications and no-one told me to supply fit notes for LCWRA. UC has never covered my rent. I've had 9 months I think it is rent shortfall of £350 a month and 3 months £275 shortfall. Found out about DHP online 10 months later and was awarded in Nov 2021 for 3 months, sep 2021-dec 2021 rent shortfall. Today after explaining last week LCWRA has still not been sorted and been told on Monday that it will now possibly be even longer than February 2022 for an assessment, how long do they expect me to not have enough for bills, rent etc. I've been awarded 3 months jan-march 2022 dhp which I think I may get at end of Jan to at least let me cover rent.  

When I asked about LCWRA on 18th October 2021 almost a full year since making my UC claim I was told conflicting information by different people. 18th October 2021 - First to hand in fit note backdated to beginning of claim then said yes you can if you want you can try from the date my claim was backdated to and LCWRA will be backdated if eligible for it after assessment. 19th Oct 2021 - Then told a fit note wouldn't be accepted by Psychiatrist, a GP asked me to question this, then they said it would be once said GP would not not do backdate til he knew why. Handed in backdated fit note to cover from 18th November 2020 to 24th January 2022. Then I'm told I now 'need 6 or so more fit notes' until can be sent a UC50 questionnaire, I explain the backdated fit note covers me for more than 6 fit notes. 29th Oct - Told referral will be in a few days. 9th Nov 2021 - Then case manager msgs to say my AP finishes Nov 2021! I made claim for UC in Dec 2020 backdated to 22nd Nov 2020 so my AP would end Feb 2021 is this right sorry? Case manager then says because fit note was uploaded Oct 2021 I have another month to wait because I declared I had no fit note when made claim but I was never told to hand one in. I struggle with these kind of things especially understanding forms but in over a year when saying what's going on isn't one person to say about a fit note surely. Still 9th Nov - Case Manager says nothing they can do after being told by another person it would be sped up once backdated fit note was supplied and he would do this. I explain to case manager she is incorrect and to open up the fit note and will see the fit note is backdated to 18th Nov 2020 because of my ADHD. The following day 10th Nov someone else msgs to say I have been referred and a questionnaire is going to be sent. I completed questionnaire and posted back around 17th November 2021.

Sorry for the length of this I struggle to keep to points. My questions which I am extremely grateful if you can answer is - Will I be backdated and do you know when that should be to? Do you know how much you receive as I have bills now to pay back because of this crazy mess delay. My assessment will be over the phone and I struggle to say things in order and with memory as I get overwhelmed very easy as speech can't keep up with my thoughts and all come out at once so I will check this site for how to answer questions as I am anxious more than normally am after all of this and just want it sorted asap. Because of all the issues to try get help and with it being a longer backdate if I am due to receive it I have a feeling I am going to come up against a lot more barriers with them which is why I am msging on here to keep me right. CAB said they strongly recommend making a complaint against DWP for compensation from this but I really don't want anxiety getting worse and just want everything sorted as soon as possible without anymore problems if that's even possible. Thank you ever so much if you have read all this. 


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 13,344 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi there 

    You need to be awarded lcwra following your assessment to be paid any additional money 

    The lcwra element ,is £343.63 per month 

    The normal rule is you are 0aid from the 4th full assessment period after reporting your condition and providing fit note within 7 days and continuous notes till the decision  is made 

    As for your situation I can't really advise but others on here will be able to help 
  • Nxi905
    Nxi905 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi Janer thank you for commenting. Yes I seen it was once assessed as eligible but wasn't sure what the waiting time was for payment if successful following assessment. Yes my fit note has been continuous but of course backdated so not sure if that will be an issue and I don't know when they will backdate it to - the date I supplied medical evidence or the date I put my condition since no one requested medical evidence when I stated disability. I didn't know it had to be within 7 days so thanks for that, my backdate would/should cover that. Yes I read online here about 4th AP, not sure if they'll do it from when I reported condition or from the date of my backdate so unsure about exact dates/months. Thank you again for your help.


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