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Please join MY Christmas MY milestone.

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Sher and I have Neuropathy and Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, this list though is not exhaustive. 
I’m plagued with so many things going haywire at any one time, and my battle with pain is a constant one.

Some hospital admissions for pain leads me to feel as though I’m literally dying. These can be really scary and others, I feel as though the pain is too much to bare. 

I spent many days feeling as though it wasn’t worth it and I’d feel as though I was giving up. This wasn’t about suicide but just about endurance. So, I decided that I needed a realistic goal for me. Not one set by anyone else one that aimed to give me pleasure and I’d achieve it with not giving myself any more discomfort than I already had.

So, we’ve already established that I can’t walk up Mount Everest or sail the seven seas, heck, even walking to my front door is a struggle. I’ve lost much of my social network and had to adjust to a new normal. 

Adjustments takes time and grieving for the old me is still raw, whilst the new me still takes some getting used to. A bad Christmas movie always cheers me up and making a craft for Christmas not only distracts me but I find that the Christmassy feeling associated with that time of the year isn’t exclusive. 
These are reminders of my milestone target, the fact that I love it so much is a bonus.

My bad days tend to be what they are but I can usually get over a slump by my “christnovations” which is what I like to call my crafts.
So any one good day, albeit April or July, you could drop by and we are glittering pine cones, making paper mache snow men or even wrapping present.

Now, some may say that I’ve taken it too far and if you ask my family they’d definitely say so lol. I must admit that since I’ve become my new self, I definitely go overboard my house is a house Clark Griswold would be proud of even though, I married the grinch lol. However, I see getting to Christmas as much more than a year end milestone but that I’ve endured. I look at the crafts and decorations that I’ve created in my journey and I see how far I’ve come for the year and years past. 

I don’t like diary’s and as soon as you call it homework I’m shut down. 
I love crafting and this was something I learnt about myself after I changed. I don’t care too much for perfection either. I am just proud of the year I’ve achieved, the obstacles overcome and the challenges endured and that I’m still alive. 

You may not be a crafter or even consider yourself “arty” but that’s the beauty of it. They don’t need to be perfect. It could be a badly made bauble or repurposing an old lamp with old wrapping paper. I have a snowman made out of styrofoam he’s so badly done. Everyone loves to hate it. 

Try out dated recipes on your family and getting them to help makes it a good interactive exercise but also helps with pain and tiredness. They make good Guinea pigs too, often quickly letting you know if you’ve a winner, determined if the plate is still full half hour later or if it’s still there 5 hours later it’s most definitely a no

I mean hot chocolate with marshmallows and sprinkles if that doesn’t raise your spirits I’m not sure anything else will. 
My DH’s favourite is mint chocolate hot chocolate topped with whip cream and chocolate chips. 

Having themed Christmases also gave me a goal within my goal as I excitedly look for bargain decorations and different items to achieve my theme- even down to the table settings.  

I begin to feel excited coming up to Christmas as I can get to look at what I’ve been up to over the year and each thing tells its own story. When Christmas is over, I waste no time in resetting my count down clock and whilst it’s not easy- researching tips on practical tips on coping with hosting Christmas when you are in pain are a welcomed tips for next year as no matter what I try I spend a week recovering from the week before and often in a pain crisis. 

I also struggle with ruminating thoughts and worry about things. Some people use yoga and exercise but my way of coping is to distract myself  to Christmas, watching a YouTube video of how to make something, people’s Diy projects, home Christmas tours or Pinterest ideas. That’s caused me think of some kind of Christmas nearly every day of the year! Great right! 

No matter how we get there let’s do it together. Scientists agree that starting Christmas early is good for mental health and that those who do are in a better mood. Whilst I’m not asking you to start with me in July (that comes later lol). 

If you have chronic pain, low mood, love crafting, shopping, are socially isolated and love Christmas. Please share with me.  

Take it one day at a time. 
Share your pain, good days, bad days, Christnovations, movies, music, bargain buys, Christmas fantasy, memories, traditions, recipes etc and keep me company as we journey to our milestone. It’s never too early or too late to aim for Christmas. Sher 



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    Scope community team

    It's good to hear that you've found something that gives you so much joy, and that helps you get through the hard times @Mrssherbott :)

    We have plenty of crafters here on the community, so you're in good company. They often share their crafts and creations over on our KaleidoScope thread, so it'd be great to see some of your work over there!
    My DH’s favourite is mint chocolate hot chocolate topped with whip cream and chocolate chips.
    Ooh, this sounds nice! I like mint chocolate, but I'm not sure if I've ever had a mint hot chocolate. What's your favourite hot chocolate?
    researching tips on practical tips on coping with hosting Christmas when you are in pain are a welcomed tips for next year
    Would you like to start us off by giving us a few tips on hosting Christmas when you're dealing with pain?

    Have you sought any support from a mental health professional regarding your ruminating thoughts or feelings of wanting to give up?
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