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Long Covid, Medical Severance and Medical Pension.

EarlofAnkh Community member Posts: 2 Listener
edited January 2022 in Work and employment
Hi. I'm new here and looking for advice.

I'm 54, have Long Covid and have just started treatment with the Long Covid Clinic in my area. I have been ill since January 2021 and joined the clinic in December 2021.
I have worked as a train driver for 30 years and now my condition and symptoms have kept me off of work for a year, except for a period of six weeks when I was coerced to return. The return didn't go well for my health and I went off sick again.
The company OH have signed me as not fit for work. The company are now talking about Medical Severance and medical retirement as I am unfit to carry out a job within the company due to the medical restrictions placed on me by the clinic; 30 mins activity followed by rest.
Can anyone tell me what this all means and is there any other support I can get as I cannot afford to retire yet especially as my wife has CFS and can't work. I would be happy to talk to someone if I knew where to start. 
Thank you.


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Community member Posts: 21,964 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi there 

    Medical severance is where you would be dismissed on medical grounds some companies pay severance pay for this but it isn't a legal requirement so you will need to check the company policy regarding this 

    Medical retirement is where you take your pension early due to ill health.  You need to be in a company pension and the pension provider will have to authorise this and you will need to evidence you meet their criteria which will in most cases involve medical assessment.  Ill health retirement is not easy to get as they have to agree you will not be in a position to ever return to work 

    Also bear in mind Amy pension payments could affect any future benefits entitlement 

    You need to discuss all the options and maybe get some expert advice from either cab , welfare rights or acas
  • EarlofAnkh
    EarlofAnkh Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thank you Janer1967. 

    I have tried CAB but cannot get through. High demand but I will keep trying. 

    Looks like medical retirement will be tricky so I will try welfare rights and/or acas. 

    Appreciate your time.
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Community member Posts: 21,964 Disability Gamechanger
    Your welcome 

    Your hr dept should also be able to advise on your options 

    Acas are employment advisory service so may not be able to offer much but their website may be worth looking at 

    Also your pension provider for details of their ill health retirement policy 

    Welfare rights can advise on benefit entitlement 

    Tbh I would find out more about each option and then you can make a more informed decision 

    It is hard for anyone to advise without knowing the details of company policy and pension options 
  • Grace_Scope
    Grace_Scope Community member, Scope Member Posts: 39 Connected
    Hi @EarlofAnkh, there is some info about ill health retirement which you may find useful here:

    It has info about options you could try before taking this route,  the end of the page is about financial support.

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