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Louisef38 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Can I ask for some advice please My wife and me have 5 children, My wife has autism, social anxiety and depression, dyspraxia and dyslexia her mum is her carer, My children are aged 20 son who has psychosis and autism, he is in a box bedroom, then my second son has the dining room he has adhd and a genetic condition and behavioural difficulties, then my 3rd daughter is 17 she has autism adhd severe behavioural difficulties, incontinance has her own bedroom, then I’m in a bedroom with my husband, son who is 7 and daughter who is 5 both under paediatrics awaiting assessments, I’ve recently had an ot assessment for the children only so it was for my son who is 7 and my daughter who is 5 and the 17 year old, the ot had our hopes up at first as she stated that we need a 5/6 and only option was adaptions then the next day I completely had my hopes shattered I sent her a lot of medical evidence from speech and language, paediatrics letters, cahms, care plan etc her outcome was this Assessment completed at 15:30 on 24/01/22 at home address

**** has been referred but she was not present at the assessment. However, she has her own bedroom in the home and therefore further assessment not required. 

Discussion around ideal housing circumstances required for the family if need identified. Discussed that OT was not aware of what the homefinder team may suggest as there are no houses large enough to cater for ideal provision but did discuss the process if homefinder were to provide support. 


Assessment of the property with Mum to identify potential solutions if need determined whilst on site, rather than needing to arrange further appointment if required. Mum was happy to show OT around, primarily looking at bedroom sizes for occupancy purposes. *** and *****  older brothers were present in their bedrooms at the time so only a quick glance around the door was appropriate at this time. 


****** (19) Occupies the Dining room has been converted into a bedroom
*****20) occupies the front single bedroom. 
***** 17) occupies the rear bedroom, This is a long bedroom and there is perhaps, capacity to add bunk beds at the bottom of the bedroom. Mum does not feel this would be suitable due to Katies needs. 
**** (7) and ***** (5) currentlyshare their parents’ bedroom

Although the family are overcrowded. From the children’s situation there is no need for further assessment by OT, or referral to the Homefinder Team as *****and *****do not need their own bedrooms.

In the meantime, the family may wish to consider the older males sharing one of the larger bedrooms. 



Whilst this may not be considered ideal, unfortunately, this is not something our team can support with. 



My assessment is now 

completed and I will close the children’s cases.

I already explained to the social worker and the ot that the 2 sons can’t share a room due to there needs and behavioural difficulties. 

She also advised them that the council states my daughter who’s 17 needs her own room but her needs also but then suggests to put bunk beds in my daughters room and I said it’s a safeguarding issue. 

She just advised me to wait for the adult ot assessment for the adults see what they say  as they may put forward for the adaptation for extra bedroom, I feel like I’ve got absolutely nowhere and she’s not considered anything properly is there any advice please what I can do 



  • Ross_Alumni
    Ross_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,652 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @louise38

    Welcome to the community, thanks for making your post and apologies that it has taken a little while for you to receive a reply.

    Sorry to hear about the situation you are going through, it sounds really hard on you and your family and the report not reflecting what you hoped must not have helped at all. 

    Have you considered speaking with your family's medical team to get a letter to support your case? For example from a GP, that explains why the living arrangement you propose would benefit them. You could also look to get some support from CAB with the process, but hopefully the adult OT assessment does recommend the extra bedroom as it seems as though that would really help you.

    How is the rest of your family coping? Do you all receive enough support to manage your conditions? Aside from this situation of course.
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