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Pain management

alexah Community member Posts: 3 Listener
I’ve been reading peoples comments as I’m new on here and have already read some useful things about injections to give pain relief. My stenosis is in the lumbar spine but I suffer with referred pain in my right leg which can be agony if I stand for too long. I take gabapentin and paracetamol. The pain started 5 years ago. I had a hip replacement but didn’t need one - it was spinal stenosis. After the op, the pain got worse and it was on a forum like this that I found out about spinal stenosis. Went back to the hospital and after scans found out that’s what I’ve got as well as osteoarthritis. It’s getting worse though so I’m thinking of these injections mentioned by people on the forum,


  • iza
    iza Scope Member Posts: 703 Pioneering
    Hi @alexah, you should not suffer pain. I just wander if you could see osteopath. I have spinal pains from time to time too. I had a wonderful Gp doctor who specialised in osteopathy before. Sadly, he left our Gp. 
    However, sometimes there are nearby osteopathy clinics  (training centres or health charities)  which offer help and are much cheaper than private one. Please try to search in your area and book yourself in. The joint manipulation can save you from pain. It did helped me before. And I am planing book another appointment with osteopathy clinic soon as well. Hope you can consider this type of help too. Have a good day. 

  • alexah
    alexah Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi Iza. Thanks I shall certainly look into that because the pain has got worse recently. 
  • Libby_Alumni
    Libby_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,251 Pioneering
    Hey @alexah

    Welcome to the community :) how are you today?

    I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing a lot of pain at the moment, chronic pain isn't nice and I know how debilitating it can be. I'm glad you have found some useful information on the forum, but please remember, to inform your GP/specialists about any changes to your pain management schedule. Is your GP currently aware of your worsening symptoms? 

    I will also move your comment into our chronic pain and pain management category, in the hope that our other members will share similar experiences with you :) 

    If you have any other questions/concerns, then please let us know. 

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  • solo11
    solo11 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    wow. I cant believe they were willing to give a hip replacement surgery before diagnosing spinal stenosis, its really heartbreaking how many people have life ruining struggles trying to convince people something wrong is happening, im only 36 and have it bad enough to not be able to walk much at all, nobody believed me for two years, cant believe some of you people lived many years without knowing what was really happening, mustve been awful.  I had to force my way to a neurosurgeons office to get someone to look at my mri pictures again to find out how incorrectly represented my mri report was, the pictures were so shockingly obvious it made me almost nauseous, its pretty much completely lacking a hole at l5 s1, barely some specks left, at rest. and not one person who looked at my mri report wanted to believe I even had real nerve pain, this practically took my life as I struggled not even being able to lay down or stand or sit or walk for two years of the world abandoning me despite my correct communications.even the pain clinic did a bunch of injections everywhere else before finally getting the right one, it has made me so angry, but really, alot of people go through this and way worse im finding out. seems super common. finding a site like this is so important, there really needs to be more because it could save lives, it wasn't until coming here and reading what appeared to be my journal...experiences almost identical, that gave me the tiniest bit to hold onto while the world threw me around mercilessly. gave me some proper direction.

    I just wanted to comment because it must have been so deeply devastating for you to have to go through an incorrect surgery to get a diagnosis. I also want to make sure there is more information for someone else to access. finding this site also scared me, as I didn't realize how life changing of a situation I fell into all of a sudden, from functional to completely disabled in months. it was really hard to limit the damage until I really knew what was happening, which was also very severe instability. the only way im able to walk without endless searing muscle spasms is with both a stability belt and a sacroiliac belt tightened tight to limit hip movements. and this is where I have been able to finally start using the proper muscles while walking tiny distances. this could be something to think about. but you having had hip replacement surgery means im probably preaching to the choir, its just been extremely helpful discovery for me. there are better belts then I have at the moment, but its just what I got access to presently. im really scared of surgery, but its completely a bizarre experience to be a super healthy 36 year old male who's extremely fit and strong, to be so disabled and suddenly looking at a life of finding things to do at rest instead of being endlessly active. its very new to me still. 
  • alexah
    alexah Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi Solo11.
    Do you have spinal stenosis?
    You're incredibly young to have such a debilitating condition which gives you so much pain. I, on the other hand, am past my sell-by date so I’ve finally learnt to live with it and accept. But like you, I’ve lived a life through being active and sporty so when I retired I was looking forward to continuing at least with walking and maybe golf. I’ve had to find other things of interest to fill my life but it’s difficult to give up the things I’ve enjoyed. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be at 36 yrs old. Fortunately, when I worked abroad, and was about your age, I learnt how to play bridge. It turned out to be very useful and helps me to do something I really enjoy without any physical effort so no pain and plenty of gain. I’ve also made quite a few friends through playing socially but as I said, I’ve had to accept the condition and had considered it age related being in my 60s.
    I truly hope the belt you use helps you to gain strength in the muscles and that you can slowly gain strength without having the spasms that I know are so very painful. All the very best to you. 


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