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To be independent within my wheelchair

Silverlady1 Community member Posts: 10 Listener
Surrounding areas like carpets makee  me 'disabled' more than i need to be. They make the wheelchair unworkable for me. 

To be independent within my wheelchair 2 votes

Curbs - more lowered availability for wheelchair users please!!!
pink_princess 1 vote
Able bodied persons stop making us more disabled than we need to be. Life is difficult as it is...
littleacorn 1 vote


  • Danielle_2022
    Danielle_2022 Community member Posts: 266 Pioneering
    I think both of these options have elements of truth in them, honestly. So much of the environment is inaccessible to mobility aid users, but a lot of the reason for this is because we're so often forgotten about & therefore our needs aren't taken into consideration when looking at change. Lots to think about!
    Community Volunteer Host (she/her) with a passion for writing and making the world a better place for disabled people to exist.
  • Daniel_2021
    Daniel_2021 Community member Posts: 79 Courageous
    I find pavements very difficult when they are narrow as the tilt towards the road seems to be exaggerated. Bins, benches and other furniture tend to be in just the wrong spot too.
    I understand what you mean about carpet but most of the carpet I find in shops etc. is a carpet tile where the carpet is so small it offers little friction, house carpet is awful.
    I've found the majority of people to be really nice, they help me with doors or move chairs, mention my chair (bright orange) and just try and help if they can.


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