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PIP advice, Manatory Consideration 0 points Help!!

MikeyB2102 Community member Posts: 14 Connected
edited March 2022 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Ok so I was diagnosed with ADHD and ASD a couple of years ago. My now 12 year old daughter was living with me at the time but as I can't meet her needs she moved in with her mum last September. I decided to apply for PIP as I had been putting it off since my psychiatrist mentioned it when she diagnosed me. Since being on the medication for adhd I can focus on the artwork I make but very little else. I'm impulsive and I spend money on other things rather than my bills and it seems to have got worse since my daughter moved out. I scored 0 points on the first application for both, I am fine with mobility so I'm not fussed about 0 points on that. Their decision in December mentioned a lot of stuff that I supposedly said, even though I know I didn't say those things and I just didn't understand their reasons so I rang them and asked for a mandatory consideration. She went through everything on the phone and today I received my rejection letter and its left me confused. I struggle with budgeting, I struggle with time management (I burn a lot of food and forget things very easily), I don't engage with other people except online, I struggle with memory (I forgot to put my prescription in on time again this week and had to ring the dr to get an emergency prescription sorted out.) I was having problems with hallucinations and they subsided for a bit then returned a couple of weeks ago and I've been referred back to my psychiatrist (mandatory consideration said that I no longer have problems with those. I have no one to help me and I find life just a complete struggle on my own. According to PIP rules though, if you have no one to help you then you are fine. I don't have anyone to help me as there is no one to help me. One of the things in the decision letter said I "was able to maintain focus or be redirected", if I am having to be redirected then I'm obviously not maintaining focus. If no one was there to redirect me then I wouldn't have redirected myself.

I just don't know what to do as the system isn't geared for people who don't have anyone to help them. I'm in £1000s of debt and I keep getting deeper into it. Over Christmas I was suicidal, I couldn't even afford to buy my daughter a Christmas present because I can barely survive



  • Alex_Alumni
    Alex_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,561 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @MikeyB2102 thanks for reaching out on the community today, I'm sorry to hear about how things have been going with PIP, as well as over Christmas, it's a difficult time for a lot of people. 

    We'd like to support you with this, can I ask exactly what support you're getting for your mental health at the moment? You've mentioned a psychiatrist, do you feel like you need further support?

    There are some great organisations where you can get help for suicidal feelings, such as Mind, they have lots of information on understanding those feelings and getting help. To speak to someone today you can call Samaritans on 116 123, or text SHOUT to 85258.

    It's really important to remember that if you feel in danger of immediate harm, you should call 999 or go to your nearest hospital right away. 

    Scope have clearly set out some help and advice for when you are in debt here, so do please give that a read when you can, and you can also call the Scope Helpline if you'd prefer to talk it through as well.

    The community here is very knowledgeable about PIP and the steps you need to take if you feel like challenging the decision, if and when you feel ready to do that. It's important that you look after your mental health, as it's often a stressful process. One place to go to get some professional advice about whether to challenge is AdviceLocal.

    I'll be sending you an email shortly so keep an eye out for that, and don't hesitate to ask if you're unsure of anything :) We are here to support you, don't hesitate to ask.


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  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Scope Posts: 12,508 Disability Gamechanger
    Just FYI mikehughescq I made a small edit to your comment to amend the Advice Local link :) 

    National Campaigns Officer at Scope, she/her

  • MikeyB2102
    MikeyB2102 Community member Posts: 14 Connected
    I have just had a look at a descriptor sheet from Citizens Advice and according to that I scored 15 points.

    DWP I scored 0 on the "needs to use an aid to manage therapy/medication"

    I actually told them that I have one of those pill boxes with the days of the week and AM & PM on it, I would have thought that was an aid. Even by using that I sometimes accidentally forget the day and take medication out of the wrong day slot and then look at the box 10 minutes later unable to remember if I took my medication or not. Even with that aid I struggle putting prescriptions in on time. So I should have scored 1 point for that.

    Communicating verbally - DWP scored 0 points.
    I often don't understand or listen to what people are saying to me as my mind drifts off and I miss the most important part of what the person is telling me. According to citizens advice I should tick yes if I need help but don't get it. So that's 4 points.

    Engaging with other people face to face - DWP scored 0 points.

    I get anxious when I have to see other people so I avoid situations where I can. The assessment was done over the phone, now I am usually alright during phone calls with family members and people that I know but I got really anxious before speaking on the phone for the assessment. I even mentioned that usually I am alright on the phone and online but face to face meetings make me feel anxious. How can they make an engagement with other people face to face based on a telephone call? They are two separate things.  so I would have scored 8 points on that

    Making complex budgeting decisions - DWP scored 0 points.

    I am behind on every single bill due to my impulsiveness and not able to prioritise my bills  that need to be paid every month and other things. So I should have scored 2 points for that.

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