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Blue badge scheme

I have had problems lately with people abusing the Blue Badge scheme and parking in bays designated for Disabled drivers both in super markets and on the street:
  In taking my son in law into Cardiff centre for a Case worker to look at his entitlements to U C because of his age.
  The interview went well and has already organised his placement for the third and final year at college which starts in September.  I parked in a Disabled bay not to far away, but had to stop a few times because of walking problems.
  Firstly the job centre in Cardiff Charles Street IS NOT DISABLED FRIENDLY.  The interview for him was on the second floor, and you guessed it NO LIFTS?  Or non that they would allow me to use, 2.  In getting back to the car I had a knock on the window and was challenged to show my Blue Badge to a man from the blue badge scheme, which I did.  He informed me that in the 3/4 hour he had been their he caught 4 people abusing the blue badge which was not theirs and had them confiscated.  This also means a fine.  Congratulations Cardiff Council for sending some one to check how these badges are being used and abused.  If you have nothing to hide then display them properly as in Cardiff you will be challenged even if its your badge as failure to display.
  There is a section called know your rights in the Blue Badge Forum I have not got the link here yet but if admin or any one wants to put it I will do it later if not, it actually makes good reading and really you should have already read it anyway.


  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Posts: 646 Pioneering
    The person that challenged me was from the Blue Badge issuing office, and was not a parking warden.
      I don't understand why you cannot believe that in Cardiff any way we do have people checking the use of blue badges, as well as Parking wardens?
      This "person not only removed their Blue Badge but also issued an on the spot fine and a court appearance which includes a hefty fine as photos were taken at the time with this person behind the wheel of the car, plus court costs.
      I agree about the lack of parking spaces for disabled hence the need to have the correct use of the badge.  You should know the rules around using the badge when you applied for it, so all I say is don't abuse the concession you have been given.  I am not disagreeing with you its a comment on how people, not all, abuse or try to stretch the rules of the blue badge?  


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