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Another Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month poem

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Another Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month poem

We have shown much bravery and courage throughout our lives.

We have defined the odds.

Now we are gets nodes aproval

Through our use of our craft.

We put a positive light on people with cerebral palsy on social media stories getting likes,

As our popularity grows and our talent shines through.

We still have a lot to do.

 We pursue our desires whatever they may be

As we free navigate thoughts that have held us back for so long.

We have become mentally stronger to prove those people wrong.

Our hearts deserve to be filled with so much happiness from using our craft.

The path of success you are going to face is so up and down as I found myself.

But my positive mindset will get me through the challenges I will come up against.

It takes me a few attempts before I succeed and I have planted my flag in the ground.

The month is Cerebral Palsy awareness, our time to show the work we are doing through our passion with such pride and big glowing smiles.

Through the positive works, I have brought light to and built a social media following of new fans, who joined hands with me to come along on my journey to succeeding growing into a wonderful person. We are like candles that burn bright lights that never go out. We can all achieve wonderful things by making patterns with different colour strings. We sing sweet songs. It helps us keep ourselves in a straight line and help us move forward in achieving visions that we make into storyboards and help plan each step we will need to take to achieve the ambitions we set for ourselves. 

My ambitions are shown through my words and poetry writing which I hope is helping to slowly turn the wheel to bring the fight for change for people with Cerebral Palsy to be able to live their lives the way they want to and be able to pursue their own dreams whatever may be seen. We can only do this if we come together as one we are stronger so fulfil our lives with joyful smiles and show our family members' faces we are succeeding like sparkling stars that glowing ambient light which never will go out on us on our dreams we are unique in our own way lite a runway so never lose our way in progress to our dreams to never seem to impossible to achieve our dreams as getting beaming smiles through the amazing ability achieve anything we put our minds too.  











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