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Right_sidekick0 Community member Posts: 2 Listener
edited April 2022 in Cerebral palsy
Hi everyone,   I hope you are well. 
I appreciate this is a charity website  and not a medical advice service.

I apologise if this does not fall under your remit and will as previously advised, seek medical advice.   My problem being,  I was born at home, after a difficult birth.  I was breech and facing upside down. 

 Unbeknown to my parents at the time I suffered lack of oxygen to the brain.  As I  grew my mother noticed that my eyes weren't focusing as they should,  and I wasn't not watching movement around me.  I was a late walker, and I was taken for a medical assessment. 

I had visual Impairment,  and one leg shorter than the other, and one foot 1 shoe size smaller,  compared to the other. My mother had to buy 2 pairs of idenical shoes,  one size up from the other.  I struggled at school, due to my poor vision.   I was moved to a boarding school at the age of 7.

I hated school.   Living miles away from my family, only seeing them on holidays and some very occasional visits.

The governor was an elderly female alcoholic chain smoker.   At our small amount of recreation time, we had to be quiet.  Quiet board games or  reading.  Not allowed to play naturally. 

Any "free time", was spent weeding the terraces, or gardening, housework,  blacking the fireplace cleaning the dormantories, bathrooms or washing and drying up.  And endless,  crocodile walks, paired with a partner of their choosing!!!  These went on miles and miles and every weekend and an extra walk to church on Sunday.
At 15 years my mother took me out of school.   I removed my self from the visual Impairment register, so that I could be independent and get a job.  Moving forward to 2017, I wasn't diagnosed with cerebral palsy until then, and wondered if the  symptoms I am experiencing are connected.   Being diagnosed later in life,  I just wondered,  whether the natural degeneration of the body,  and my disability have been brought on more severe pain with OA or RA and other skeletal abnormalities.  My skin is very sensitive to touch,  even the bed clothes cause pain.  I also have dreadful spasms, cramps tingling and numbness in my limbs usually worse at rest.  I am currently only advised by my general practitioner and wondered where else I could get advice and support.

Thank you for reading my lengthy conversation.  I apologise again if this is not relevant.

Many thanks.



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