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Mental health

charlie79 Community member Posts: 255 Pioneering
Has anyone experienced **** sevice from slam. Also are uou all aware all NHS staff have to abide by "Patient centred care. " it is something that has to be abided by all care staff and comes under dignity. Look into this it is a legal right that all care staff have to abide by


  • charlie79
    charlie79 Community member Posts: 255 Pioneering
    Anyone under lambeth slam home team and getting a **** service.
  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Scope Campaigns Posts: 12,465 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy with the level of care you're receiving at the moment @charlie79. Would you be comfortable telling us a little bit more about what you're unhappy with? 

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  • charlie79
    charlie79 Community member Posts: 255 Pioneering
    My 2 friends have supported me since I became homeless in 2016 immensely in order to live independently. I have been clinically diagnosed with PTSD Anxiety and recent self-harm thoughts. I am under the community support team, I have had for the past 6 years used email as a form of communication i have gp letters and hospital letters saying I have 2 friends I rely on heavily. this has been continuous for 6 years and supported with benefit letters from official people. 
    When housed in 2016 it was a living well network that supported me in primary care. They had to wait until I was settled before they could refer me and due to needing home visits and trust issues and to it took time to refer me to the hospital for therapy.

    I was referred to a short term which is 6 months but due to building a rapport very slowly referred me to Maudsley's long-term cmht.
    Only one cbt therapist was available for home visits so I was referred as I cant have males due to a rape and the main cause of PTSD.

    The therapist went on maternity leave and then left after maternity leave. I had to wait for her job to be filled unfortunately she was replaced with a male therapist so I was unable to engage.
    I was then referred to long-term tailored support service by the mental health at the hospital Maudsley to have a support worker visit me in my home over several months to sit during therapy in my home. 

    I was referred by my CPN and caseworker and introduced to a support worker I saw her a few times once every 2 weeks due to my issues and needing time.

    She was reported by her manager for an incident that was no fault of my own. Had to wait for another support worker to become available I instantly clicked but after 2 months of engaging She then left.

    The only other person who was available was available for 2 days which was not ideal as she had a lot of clients and very little time available.

    The Manager spoke to me and said they had so many clients on the waiting list and were changing the system and 2-year contracts were changing to 6 months. But writing a letter confirming it was not my fault and I had tried on my part.

    A month later covid happened.

    My needs were not ideal so I couldn't seek help due to covid self-distancing and everything being limited for everyone.

    My form of communication has always been emailing as it is a legal document and due to my problems can communicate assisted and supported where needed by my friend.

    She has her own problems 2 autistic children and this support was supposed to be temporary until support services could engage that's why therapy was important.

    Before support services arrived she would sit with me reassure me and calm me. A system that enabled me to engage with limited independence but dignity.

    The only reason this is all possible is that setting. My friend's sister lives with her she doesn't work or is independent on benefits. She is fortunate to have her home and be able to be a full-time carer. My friend Sarah is more practical help and Lisa more emotional and practical but both are priceless and have been true friends and in my heart irreplaceable.

    Also, my friend accesses my emails and helps me with communication. so she can access these from home.  My messages are all screenshots.  she then documents all communication between services and it also cuts out any miscommunication. I have fear of phones so can only talk to people when known them long time

    I have no family. A long story another severance due to an abuser in the family.

    My friend's situation has changed due to covid with their own private affairs.

    I have opened up again and the same charity support services Living well network alliance has joined forces with the Kings college hospital and is part of the crisis team.

    My allocated support worker and team engaged knowing the situation was no problem. I have sent them emails engaging with support services.

    Then out of blue, they sent an email asking how I became homeless and why I have been agoraphobic for 6 yrs and would my friend mind engaging in a conversation.

    My friend emailed them on my behalf and sent information and evidence via email.

    This is irony

    1. They referred me to get me housing with Gp and local authority and referred me through their support services in the primary sector.

    2. They got me a laptop on a PHB and helped me develop this form of communication which has made it possible.

    3 within last month they have provided with GP letter within one month of fear of the phone Agrophobia anxiety self harm thoughts but not acted on and PTSD and agoraphobia. Also on letter says I'm reliving rape the day as well as night. Also in this letting states, I am supported by 2 friends.

    Can anyone help with the following:

    So to the point what are my disability rights regarding my aids and support and my friend's right to privacy.

    Also, a directive law is required by the care sector for "patient-centered Care" under (dignity) And violation in relation to my care and my rights.

    Also, my EA 2010 is under adjustments.

    And a charity responsibility regarding a legal alliance with mental services that are legally stated on the internet is a new merger with NHS Mental health departments for early intervention of crisis and tailored to support patients.

    I am under the crisis team surely this is negligence. I have a history of self-harm clinically diagnosed with Anxiety agoraphobia PTSD and I have sent 3 phone messages to a crisis support worker saying I am struggling.

    This is my language of communication and surely discrimination. I have not received an email or message back. I am engaging with my limits and capabilities but NHS service is not. 

    This is why people don't reach out. Well, I'm fighting for my rights now and need any advice from organizations professionals or carers or brave members of the community or mental health services.

    Sorry there was no short cut to this 

  • charlie79
    charlie79 Community member Posts: 255 Pioneering
    Hello sorry for late reply can you please read my post "not sure what comes under" its in relation to that and is very long havent got energy to rewrite. But please read genuinly i need feedback and advice
  • Alex_Scope
    Alex_Scope Posts: 7,562 Scope online community team
    Hello @charlie79 thanks for the prompt, I'll have a read and see what support we can share with you. I've not got too long until the end of my shift today, but please know that I am aware of your post and intend to reply as soon as I can :)
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  • charlie79
    charlie79 Community member Posts: 255 Pioneering
  • charlie79
    charlie79 Community member Posts: 255 Pioneering
    well just been researching had a bit of intelligence resurging. A delay in anybodies treatment plan due to covid.
    Covid is a bilateral disaster and has to be taken into consideration of recovery due to emotional stress by mental health services. it is also under a directive law that all care services have to abide by "Patient Cantered Care which a legal obligation. also under this act is dignity in this law. It can be applied in any mental health services delivered regarded for the care of a patient and is applied diversely but how you apply this law depends on your circumstances or situatuation but is a right for any patient. I still need advice. 
  • Alex_Scope
    Alex_Scope Posts: 7,562 Scope online community team
    edited April 2022
    Hello @charlie79 and thank you for being so patient in waiting for my reply.

    Please don't apologise for the long post, it's really important to reach out when we need help, and you have done so in a way that you feel comfortable with.

    Thank you for sharing what you've been through in the past, as well as the struggles you've been having with your mental health lately, I know it's not always easy to talk about. 

    I'm not an expert or a professional adviser, but I can share some organisations that can support you with your recent thoughts about self-harm: 

    As a reminder, if you ever feel in immediate danger of hurting yourself, please call 999 right away.

    I would certainly encourage you to look into seeking professional advice regarding the levels of care you are receiving from the NHS at the moment. One organisation which might be able to help is AdviceLocal.

    It might also be worth having a read of the NHS's information on how to make a complaint about the service, as well as guidelines from the mental health charity Mind.

    We'd like to support you as much as we are able to, and I'll be emailing you a little later from [email protected] to check in. If you still feel unsure about anything or feel we can help further, please let us know.
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