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I'm sorry guys, but I just finished a poem started earlier this year when looking at some references to some thing else.  Its a bit of a read but hope it get others in the groove, to write and post even if its to say hello.


First poem of the year.


 I want to write a poem, it’s the first one of this year,

I want it to be topical, and bring other some good cheer

I want to help others to write their own

and make them laugh and cheer,

So here is my first attempt, go get yourself a beer.

This may take some time to read,

or can be used, if you are suffering from sleep aponia.


So what about poor Boris, he’s partying all the time.

He says I was not there, while other went out for beer

They came back with a suit case, it was full of wine,

So that others would not see, and say, you dirt swine.


There are pictures of those that did attend

Since emails have come to light,

Warning of the problems, and the country’s plight

It didn’t seem to stop them having a working break


The note said bring your own booze party, during the first lock down.

But an ex-aide says the PM was not advised.

Johnson admitted he did attend a drinks garden party

But claimed he did not realise he saw the 100 e mails to that garden party.


 Its now the start of another year, what will be next for him

I see that Putin has flexed his muscles, and put a ban on him.

With the cost of living going up, and fuel again due to rise

14pence on fuel, and double on electric supplies?


What ever happened to Scottish power and to British Gas

The fuels that Britain has, that would keep prices down for many years to come,

the increase that we had last time, was not for lack of supplies,

But paying drivers a decent wage, so that they would continue to drive.


Why have we become so dependent, on other as the British Isle

Why have we not supported our own industries, and told Putin what to do?

Why don’t we look at where we are, with resources that we have?

Why does it take a war or vote of no confidence, in order to get something done?


  How morbid this year has already become, and its only just started.

The way things are going, a holiday is not a cert

The chance of being able to sit, out in the sun,

 now seem very slim, the prospect very glum.





Where will you go if you saved some cash, Hawaii or Florida?

My friends went last year and ended in a Hurricane

for three days they were hit by torrential rain and winds of 100 MPH

Well, they didn’t have to rush out by the pool, to throw out a marker towel.


My wife has just had her birthday, I won’t tell you her age,

But if I had killed her, I would have been out 6 times, by the end of the year.

I also got married in 1972, that make be a Marta,  

But then again, I know she has good taste, cos’ she chose me from that shower.


I wrote this and its only February, there’s 10 month’s still to go

I hear you all groaning, so let’s see you have a go.

You can write a poem or a post about things you like to know,

That’s all you need to think, I need a question asked,

Because I always say, the most stupid question is a question never asked.


So now I’ve talked you all to sleep, and its taken you a while

To get through war and peace, and hope it’s bought you all a smile.

I’m not a poet, or a writer for a big News Paper,

I’m not paid big bucks, just do this for the smiles.


I’ve got some hidden illnesses, which some may have the same,

I am not judged on here, by the friends that I have made.

  The information given here is free, form most questions that are asked

And am sure that if I don’t know the answer there’s some one here who can.


Congratulations Admin, for letting me post on here,

Although it still needs to be vetted, I’m sure it’s for the best.

As comments need to be backed up with all the relevant facts

And just say my post is not always aimed at all those unregistered Quacks.  




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    well done Onebigvoice I really enjoyed reading your poetry writing. 
    I hope you continue sharing your wonderful on the scope online community

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    Thanks for sharing this poem with us @onebigvoice. It really is magical! I hope it gets others in the groove too or to say hello and chat more generally. I encourage you to keep writing  :)

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