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Hi, my name is mhuss1130!

mimimoo12 Community member Posts: 22 Connected
Hi Everyone, I am new here and looking for some advise on LCWRA and backdating payments.  I'm not sure if I post my question here or elsewhere on this forum? I just want to run this by anyone who is a bit clearer on this than me.

I asked for a UC Medical reassessment in November 2021 as advised to do so by my work coach as he thought I was already or should have been in LCWRA group, having been previously being placed in the LCW group much earlier that year. I was asked to provide any new evidence, which I did, on the 8th Dec 2021 and had my reassessment on 22nd April 2022, shortly after a PIP Assessment. 

I received an outcome letter from UC, placing me in the LCWRA group on 16th May 2022, stating I may receive extra money and would receive a message within 7 days if due any backdated money.    

I just received my first payment today.  I have not had any notification of any backdated money being due.  I just want to get advise on this as it seems unclear to me.  I am not sure, given the dates, if I am entitled to be backdated?   

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who can advise.

Thank you




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