I'm thinking of having a party for my 40th birthday in November

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I'm wanting to find a nice disabled and child friendly and accessible place in my hometown of Warrington, Cheshire that aren't gonna charge the earth.
I'd like somewhere child and disability friendly place as my middle niece and auntie (my mum's twin sister) both have different types of disabilities.
I'd also like it to be child friendly as I'd like to invite my youngest sister, sister-in-law and their 2 lil girls, my best friend and her lil girl, my best friend's 2 sisters and niece and nephew (they're my best friend's middle sister's 2 children and another friend and her partner and children (if they can make it. 
My friend is also disabled as she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia).
I need somewhere that's big enough for everyone to fit in without feeling squashed and also room for the buffet tables and a dancefloor, but I have no idea where to start.


  • Sandy_123
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    Have a Google around your area, a  lot of venues do free rooms and supply buffets at a cost. Djs usually separate too, some venues supply djs as part of a package 
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    I'm wondering whether AccessAble may be able to help @BrianMcFaddenfan07. Perhaps you could take a look at their website, and let us know if it's of any help?