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Please can I be directed to the best advice on how to manage or eradicate this undiagnosed chronic and uncontrollable fatigue which has resulted in me falling asleep at inappropriate times and even injuring myself.

I've been suffering for at least 8 years with this now and all I will say is, amongst my other health conditions, it has worsened, I am not coping, I have so much to be getting on with which I've missed or can't do.

I am not referred to any specialist for sleep due to them saying there's no nearby centre that deals with it.

It's midday and so far today I've recorded at least 4 of the sleep attacks, once again, sat up  and ending up being awaken by a dead arm and having knocking my head on the end of the desk. 

Why is there so much wrong with me? I can't cope and don't want this to happen msy whole lfie. 

I know I sound pathetic right now because I'm complaining about dialling sleep but seriously it is distressing when you have deadlines (yes they exist even though not currently in work) and things to do ie manage a property !


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    Hi @ResilientNeighbour7, thanks for posting. It's lovely to hear from you even though you aren't feeling too great. 

    Have you spoken with a doctor about the issues you are having with sleep? I would assume that your doctor is the person who has told you that you can't be referred to a specialist. It's a shame that you can't have a chat with a specialist remotely if there isn't one nearby.
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    Dear @ResilientNeighbour7

    I can only speak to my personal story. I hope you get kind of insight from it. First: at least in my case, I struggled with both fatigue and depression. I was referred by my GP to an NHS service called iCope to address the low mood. Honestly, my therapist taught me things that seemed super intuitive but are difficult to face and implement: taking days of rest, inserting small and big breaks into my day. The things that helped improve my mood also helped improve my fatigue. Naturally, my depression and fatigue were moderate (not severe), but receiving help and medication for depression helped my fatigue symptoms.

    All my best,