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Hi, my name is Paul_AcheResearchUK!

Paul_AcheResearchUK Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi my name is Paul

Amongst other things, I am a carer for my mother and my daughter, both of whom have disabilities. I have contacted Scope and joined this community in order to try to promote a planned series of free zoom teaching sessions which are run by my teacher and good friend Professor Dr YK Leung PhD. The following is what I have posted on my personal facebook page, as well on ACHE Research UK - QiGong and TaijiQuan in Universities Facebook page:

Professor Dr YK Leung PhD is planning to offer free Zoom exercise classes of XingQiShu and DaoYinShu, ancient Daoist self-healing and health promotion methodologies, to people who are wheelchair users and/or who suffer with mobility issues. These are methodologies that trigger self-healing of many human psychological and physiological health issues.
As the Vice chairman (National Grade 2) of the Internal Nei Dan Daoist Medicine research group at Beijing University Group, Professor Dr YK Leung PhD is now also the head of ACHE Research International Research Group (which currently includes 13 different countries). He has over 28 years of experience and successful case studies in Nei Dan Internal Daoist Medicine
The professor believes that his 60 years of learning and training experience can benefit both non-disabled and disabled people by boosting self-confidence as well as promoting self-healing. Also, for those who may be interested, these methodologies can also be used later for self-defence as well as for health-promotion.
“Ache research is an educational Institute in promoting an ancient [Internal NeiDan Daoist Medicine] knowledge of Human 'self-healing' abilities of psychological & physiological health problems via University level researches of Human Science. Free lectures regarding Chinese cultures of [Philosophy]; [Medicine] & [Martial arts] can be obtained on Face book & U-Tube.”

For anyone who maybe interested in these free Zoom exercise classes, please contact ACHE research via either me directly or via my colleague at info@acheresearch.nl

Best wishes
Paul Andrews

PS. Thanks to all at Scope for replying to my phone calls and emails and suggesting that I post this here.
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