ESA backpay for SDP after tribunal win

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Hi, Im a little confused. I spent 4 years fighting the dwp for my pip award. I won back in the beginning of May. My pip award was all done in a timely fashion and I now receive this. My Esa SPD award with a 2 year backpayment attached to it is still in process. I have phoned them twice in this time and on the lastcall I was told this very rudley. "We have a indefinite time to sort this out" and basically to stop ringing. I mean i have only rang twice in the last 4 months!. Is this true, that I could literally be waiting forever for my award?

Thanks on advance.


  • poppy123456
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    An SDP award shouldn't really take that long because it's a quite straight forward disability premium. It may take a little longer than usual for you because it's a 2 year backpayment but i would have expected it to be sorted by now.
    Try contacting your local MP to ask them for some help, this usually gets DWP moving.

  • mumsywiggly
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    yeh i was thinking about doing that. Thank you

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    That sounds positive @mumsywiggly. You are welcome. It is the very least you deserve. Please feel free to continue to keep us in the loop with how things are for you. We are all here for you  :)