Online Community Premier League Sweepstake [Game 4 and 5 update]

Adrian_Scope Posts: 11,305 Online Community Programme Lead
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Most wins: 5
Arsenal - @chiarieds

Most losses: 3

Aston Villa - @Stayce
Leicester City - @Viola

Most draws: 3
Brentford - @Teddybear12
Everton - @Biblioklept
Newcastle United - @Tori_Scope
Wolves - @emancherry

Most own goals:
Bournemouth - @janer1967
Brighton and Hove Albion - @bg844

Most yellow cards: 17
Manchester United - @life

Most red cards: 2
Chelsea - @woodbine

Most goals scored: 19
Manchester City - @Globster

Fewest goals scored: 2

West Ham United - @vikingqueen
Nottingham Forest - @Ross_Scope
Bournemouth - @janer1967
Wolves - @emancherry

Most goals conceded: 16
Bournemouth - @janer1967

Fewest goals conceded: 3

Brighton and Hove Albion - @bg844

We're still only 5 games in, so if you'd like to participate, please let me know either here or in our team and categories announcement discussion and you will be assigned a team at random.