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Struggling to find work and it is becoming frustrating!

Welliboots93 Community member Posts: 32 Courageous
Hi everyone!

For context in 2019 before I went to uni, I had a successful career working in management in early years. I was Lead SENDCO and was praised by my work by many high professionals. At the time I had pain in my legs but nothing major at the time.

In Oct 2019, I went to University to develop my career as I wanted the opportunities to have higher paid jobs other than minimum wage. (If you work in early years you will know it is a very underpaid job!)

Anyways, during the 3-years I was at Uni I achieved high grades, often in the A grade. 

However, I developed many conditions from 2020-present which now means I am a disabled person and really impact me on my day-to-day life. 

I was a bank staff practitioner in early years whilst at university, however, I had to quit in July because I physically couldn't do the job and there was lack of support for this. 

I recently completed my degree in August with high grades and experience being a student governor. 

Since, July 2022 I have been applying for lots of jobs in which I know will be suited to my disabilities; but also means I can put my passion of working with children into practice again. 

However, I have faced nothing but rejection. When I was applying for jobs back in 2019 I never had a problem getting interviews (I didnt even have a degree then). But this is the first ever time I have needed to tick the 'disability' box on applications, and Im beginning to think im being rejected for interviews because I am disabled. 
I have not had one single interview offer in 5-weeks despite the jobs I am applying for I know I am qualified for and have experience. 

Im not entitled to UC as my partner works 16-hours and is going back to uni. So I have zero income and no closer to having a career I so desperatley want to be in!

I have hit rock bottom. I am getting support from scope and have my job appointment on Thurs. I have applied for pip in July. 
But I think it is ridiculous that I can't even get interviews for jobs that doesn't even need a degree. 

Seriously, how am I susposed to survive? Genuine advice please because I have never been on benefits and I have zero income. I literally have nothing, and really really want a career I have worked so hard for at Uni. 

The system is shocking and I shall say nothing more on that. 

I just needed to rant because I don't know what to do anymore. 


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Community member Posts: 56,162 Disability Gamechanger
    Maybe your expectations are too high. 5 weeks isn't really that long since you started applying for jobs. Fingers crossed you have some good news soon.
    You mention that you're not entitled to UC because your partner works 16 hours/week. Do you rent or own your home? People work and claim UC but whether they're entitled will depend on their joint circumstances. So many people think they're not entitled to any benefits because their partner works but that isn't always true. Have you used a benefits calculator to check entitlement to UC?
    I would appreciate it if members wouldn't tag me please. I have all notifcations turned off and wouldn't want a member thinking i'm being rude by not replying.
    If i see a question that i know the answer to i will try my best to help.
  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Scope Posts: 12,506 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Welliboots93 :) 

    Thank you for posting. You're very welcome to rant here. I can imagine that many people are in the same situation. I have a loved one who's currently looking for a new job, and they've been feeling a similar level of frustration at times.

    I'm glad to hear that you'll be getting some support from one of our employment services, however. I really hope that it helps. Please do let us know how you get on!

    These things do take time, and it's often a case of being in the right place at the right time (which I know isn't very helpful advice!). 

    It sounds like you have some excellent experience and qualifications under your belt, which is a really positive place to start.

    We have some information on our website about disclosing disability to an employer, which you may want to check out.
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