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How do people cope with running their own home and working?

Stellar Community member Posts: 111 Courageous
see title.

I've basically come to the conclusion I'm not going to be able to work full time anytime soon, in part because I'm living in my own council home and running that is also extremely tiring. part time with a remote based job i believe is doable, but full time is impossible.

it's exhausting managing my own home and i've basically got no help. i can't leave social homes cause of trauma (and also cause landlords and classist and wouldn't consider renting to me) and same applies to housesharing. i also have cptsd from services, so a\sking for help from social services will be very mentally draining and triggering for me.

how do people cope? i'd really appreciate some advice.


  • Karen7788
    Karen7788 Scope Member Posts: 598 Pioneering
    Hi @Stellar,
    I reduced my hours at work, just over a year ago. It was just getting impossible. I did it through reasonable adjustments, I got special equipment at work, reduced my hours and work some of the hours at home. I’m lucky in that my employers and colleagues are very supportive. My main struggle at the moment is getting into work, I have applied through access to work, but haven’t heard anything back yet. 
    It’s still difficult and I’m off work at the moment as I’m unwell. 
    Do some research on reasonable adjustments and see if that may be a route worth following. 
    Wishing you well. 
  • Stellar
    Stellar Community member Posts: 111 Courageous
    @Karen7788 thanks for your reply.

    I don't really consider reasonable adjustments an option. it's all based on what the employer considers to be reasonable, and that's subjective and not a legal right. they can refuse me and claim it's not reasonable even when it's a blatant lie. that includes things like working from home, and this was proven during the onset of COVID-19 when all employers moved remotely suddenly after denying disabled people the same thing for years.

    I also feel I have to hide as many of my disability related needs as possible otherwise it'll be used against me. I know realistically that I will not be able to challenge any discrimination I face in the workplace. I've gone through so much trauma and pain the last few years caused by those in power discriminating against me (such as employers), that I just want to keep my head down while working towards my goals. I also can't afford to challenge an employer or tribunal or basically be out of work for the months it would take for said tribunal to happen.

    Luckily many employers and workers are resisting returning to the office which will make it easier for me and many other disabled people to get a remote job. Hence why i believe it is my only viable option. I want to go full time, but realistically I know I can' handle it at the moment, so part time will have to do.

    Also the reason why you are struggling with Access to Work is the overly long waiting times deliberately manufactured by the DWP to deny disabled people the support we need. You'll be waiting a long time for a reply and it will likely put your job at risk. However, I hope you do have some success with it.


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