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Anyone else got a child not suitable for specialist schools, but struggling to cope with mainstream?

knr8_xo Community member Posts: 2 Listener

I am hoping to gain a bit of advice here from other parents or carers that may of found their selves in the same position as me. So here goes, I will do my best to sum it all up. My little girl is 4, she attends nursery, this is her second year in the nursery as myself and the school felt it would be too difficult for her to move into reception yet after a year of hardly any progress at nursery previously. She is on a waiting list for an assessment, myself and the school believe autism,maybe ADHD and she has a speech delay. She can talk now but so limited and she loses any vocab she does know when she becomes upset. She struggles to calm and regulate herself and is often just pottering around in her own world at nursery. She wants to do whatever she wants whenever and gets extremely upset when the teachers ask her to join in or sit down for carpet or story time etc...

She has been known to throw herself on floor, bite herself, bangs her head off things when frustrated or upset.

So leading from this and going into her second year at nursery undiagnosed, we put in for an EHCP without a diagnosis. This EHCP is due to come this week apparently after a 3 week delay. So I have previously spoken to different specialist schools about my daughter and they have said they believe she does not meet the criteria to attend, then I have been recommend schools with ARP units but these are all full currently or only taking on children with SEMH (social,emotional and mental health). So they have said again they dont think this would be the right fit for my daughter. 

So the main aim of this long post is to find out if theres anyone out there with a child similar to mine. So not right for specialist schools but finding they cant cope at mainstream and cant get them into these APR units.

I really hope this lands on someone with a bit of advice or knowledge for me. I wanted to add too that my daughter has been having a 1 to 1 at her school too, I forgot to mention that previously and this has not made much effect so I am hesitant to try this and it fail with her EHCP as I have heard its extremely difficult to get them into some where else once you have used your EHCP at mainstream if that makes sense.

Look forward to hearing from some one that has a bit of light for me hopefully.

Many thanks,

A very stressed out mommy.


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