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Mental health and learning difficulty

MobileGames Community member Posts: 123 Pioneering
edited October 2022 in Mental health and wellbeing
Morning. How are you? I rang Orbit yesterday about posting my Mum's death certificate. I went down and posted it by hand last Wednesday,the 12th. The death wasn't registered until last Tuesday,the 11th. Mum died on the 6th,had to wait for the doctor to email it over to the registrars! I rang up on Monday,they hadn't received it. I then rang up yesterday and they checked the mail box. It was there! Their excuse,postal strike. I posted it by hand! Now I have to wait until next Monday or Tuesday for a letter to come back to say that I'm the sole Tennant now,along with the copy of the death certificate. It needs processing first. I rang the council about the rent and they said that they need confirmation from orbit about me now being a sole Tennant so that I can now put in a single claim. When I rang them I needed to write it down and needed it repeating to me in order to try to understand it. I rang my Sister in the evening and she helped me to understand it better. I hate needing to ring her because I can't understand things like this properly. It gets me down. Then I had a letter from the council saying that I owe money because my mum had been overpaid on the 10th-16th of October. I rang them on the 10th to stop it. The letter is dated the 13th. I didn't get it until yesterday. Now I'll need to go down and pay it. Why isn't anything ever straightforward ? I got really stressed and cried and spent yesterday afternoon in bed. I hate being thick. Are there any organisations that can help me with understanding letters and information given out over the phone please? The CAB are only open on a Monday from 10am-12pm. What good is that??? I need support. People think that because its a difficulty and not a disability that it doesn't matter. That I don't matter. I still struggle. I wasn't put down 2 years at primary school for nothing,or had a statement put on me for nothing,or struggled with homework and deadlines for course work,to be told that help is for people with learning disabilities,not learning difficulties. One of the descriptors for pip that I got at tribunal stage was for needs prompting in order to read and understand complex written and verbal information. So why do people write me off as not needing help??? It really annoys me. Thank you. 


  • OverlyAnxious
    OverlyAnxious Community member Posts: 2,678 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi MobileGames, sorry to hear about your Mum.

    I don't think anyone's suggesting that you wouldn't benefit from some help.  But the services are so stretched with regards to time, money and staff that they can really only help the people who are in the most need.  

    I must admit though, from your post it sounds like you're managing the situation remarkably well.  Not sure I'd know what to do in those circumstances!
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 11,145 Scope online community team
    Hello @MobileGames. I'm very sorry for the loss of your mum and that you're having to juggle all of this now.

    I'm concerned that you're being asked to pay back an overpayment paid to your mum. 

    Do you know if you have a Welfare Rights or other advice agency near you? You can check by putting your postcode in at AdviceLocal website. 
    Community Manager
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