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Sunday 23rd I received a call from DWP  Case Manager who has seen I had been turned down twice for Decisions and that I was awaiting the Date if Tribunal Appeal against DWP Date she called to say that she could easily overturn decision to be overturned there and then if i wanted or continue to wait which could be another 6-8mths. After she then said I have been awarded Both Standard Rates to be honest I never thought I'd get through the Appeal and be successfull.  She gave me option to wait appeal or accept her decision there and then and she told me what I'd be awarded and that with October's Money 2022 I've been waiting since first day of Claim 15th Sept 21 so quite an amount coming and after apologising for what I'd been through with fighting for it down to Assessors Report very unsympathetic and came across very negative to the decision makers who turned me down then we had to go for Mandatory Decision and that had been copied and pasted so that was turned down by decision maker then i went for the Appeal in May 22 and then 23rd Oct 22 Get the wonderful news and Mon morning 0803hrs i received my DWP Text to say that I'd been awarded PIP.  After a very long I got it what a journey and Review Jan 2025 brilliant so just waiting for it to go into my Bank Account fantastic 


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    Absolutely wonderful news @Julia19. I honestly don't know how you managed to stay sane tbh.

    I've been waiting for my award review since July and my anxiety is through the roof and other illnesses playing up, just had bloods back and cup level is up.

    Anyway once again brilliant news 👏👍
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    Well done @julia19 :) Thank you for sharing this, as I'm sure it'll give other members hope! 

    Will you be doing anything to relax or celebrate today?