Hi, my name is manumad54! Diagnosed with diverticulitis years ago but never had any symptoms

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Hi all, I’ve been diagnosed with diverticulitis years ago but never had any symptoms. Until now I have had stomach cramps so now onto the second day of three drinking fluids only. 
Reading different sites they seem to contradict each other on diet ! Some say nuts ok others say no. Joined this site to see what experiences are shared. Thanks. 


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    Hello @manumad54

    Welcome to the community! :)

    I'm so sorry to hear your diverticulitis is flaring up :( I've popped your post into our Rare, Invisible and Undiagnosed section in the hopes more people in the community will see and be able to share their experiences.

    Have you got a specialist for your diverticulitis that you can contact? If not, then I would advise speaking to your GP just so they can see why it has flared up all of a sudden. I was diagnosed with IBD and found the same situation when it came to diet. I believe that anyone with a bowel condition will tell you something different. It's unfortunately going to be trial and error. For example, when my stomach issues flare up, I was told to eat chicken and rice and the rice made it worse. I usually eat plain pasta or toast now.

    I hope you're able to find something 🤞
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