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Hi, my name is Tibik!

Tibik Community member Posts: 26 Connected
Hello there. 
I've been disabled since 2006 when the ignorance and arrogance of a doctor cost me a substantial aspect of my back's function, I have an absolutely wonderful assistance dog, a supportive hubby, but miss my life and freedom before disability. I had thought, pre-disability, that I was an insightful and respectful nurse who understood and knew how to assess the needs of people with disabilities... until I became disabled and realised that it is only the experience of becoming disabled that make it possible to understand. 

I also have autism, but it was never something I got help for: just kind of accepted I was the weird one. One of the great things about my assistance dog is that people like and accept dogs- and because I'm with her people seem to accept me too. 

I enjoy writing, painting, crafts, games... and sadly I must confess I am addicted to minecraft. (I did warn you I was the weird one. :)


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