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Martin Lewis

creamcrackered Scope Member Posts: 38 Courageous
edited November 2022 in Cost of living
Hi I watched Martin Lewis last night and I just wanted to say how refreshing it was to hear him stand up for all of us who are on benefits. A viewer commented implying how most on benefits are scroungers and Martin replied stating how statistically most people on benefits are either working, disabled or chronically unwell. He also went on to say that the Government try to make it hard to claim to put off workers from leaving jobs yet they also need to keep a safety net for those who really need it. A valid point though as we all know it's way too hard for us who are unwell and makes us more ill trying to navigate the system.
Martin insisted that anyone who can claim should do as there are millions out there unclaimed! Cost of Living crisis means we all need to get what we can and the support changes all the time. At the moment anyone who's household income is less than £40,000 needs to use the benefit calculators to see if they can claim anything (Universal Credit especially).
I thought this was all worth shouting about  :)



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