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Hi, we are currently renovating our house to enable it to be user friendly for my husband who is in wheelchair full time now. 

He would like to have smart technology to enable him to open the front door, turn on the lights and heating. 
We have been suggested the RAKO system, however this seems more for lighting. It is also very expensive.

I would very much welcome advice on systems you would recommend that are both cost effective but deliver all the needs of a wheelchair user, that has limited hand dexterity too.



  • Hannah_Alumni
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    Hello @StephanieJ

    This is, unfortunately something I don't know a lot about from an adaptation point of view. I know from a just wanting to have a smart home point of view, you can do things like, turn the heating on and off, turn the lights on and off or unlock the door with devices such as Alexa. I've never seen them be able to open but maybe having a look down that route may work for your husband and keep costs down?
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     I’m afraid I don’t know much about adaptations for doors however, I have seen a door closing mechanism called a T pull, which may help for inside doors. It is a T shaped handle that allows the user to close doors instead of a traditional handle. In terms of lights and heating, I know the Philips hub bulbs work with alexa and there’s a system called hive that controls heating from your phone and Alexa. Hive also do light bulbs. 
    I hope this helps.
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  • ELMoore
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    I use Alexa and tp-link plugs, I'm about to invest in a tp-link 6 plug adapter to turn my electrical items on. Lamps, wheelchair charger, xmas tree lights anything you want. I call people for free with my Alexa, bt/O2 account. Alexas or maybe google home are a disabled person's best friend.