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Drop kerbs

How many others in or wheel chair scooter users have to go completely out of their way to find a drop kerb to cross a road or to get from one path to another I frequently end up having to go all the way back again to find another route... So frustrating 


  • NicolaH
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    May07 yes i have this problem, not so much in my home town as i know the routes i can take but when i travel it can be a nightmare.

    Last year in Ireland  had a woman and man bodybuilder lift my chair and carry me over the road and up the other side hahaha.... i think that town was the worst for having no drop kerbs.  :|

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  • Topkitten
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    My town centre is quite good for them but the further out I go the worse it gets. However, some years ago, the council decided to make some of the pavements using supposedly non-slip slabs. These are rough for a wheelchair or scooter plus a lot of them now move and tilt. Bit of a nightmare.

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  • May07
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    It's awful where I live it's OK once I get to town but it's getting there in the first place that's the issue. Thank you for commenting x