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Hello thank you for accepting me into you community .
I was wondering if someone could help me regarding pip l am on the low payment rate at the moment but l was in hospital for approximately 6 weeks back in april this year l went in for a lung biopsy which had no complications but unfortunately l contracted hospital phenomena and was put intensive Care for 6 days as l could not breath on my own and they could only treat me with  steroids and if they did not work then my family were told it was,palmetive care for me .
Things started to work and l gradually got to where l am now .
When l came out of hospital l contacted pip to say l had s change in circumstances filled in a new form and sent it to them .
I now have a health professional coming to my home to assess me and lm a bit apprehensive as l still have some appointments to go to for breathing test and l an being given oxygen for at home as my breathing is so bad so again my circumstances have changed.
In the leaflet they have sent me the things they want to see are reports/information from people like my doctor , nurse ,.and my next appointments is with the nurse for the oxygen.... what they dont want to see are appointments letters which is what l have .
This is where l dont know what to do ? 
Sorry for the longness of this post but it is the only way for me to describe this to you l am new to all this about benefits but l am hoping to get the higher rate and the mobility rate from them .
So if anyone can help l would be so greatful .
Thank you Ruth1961 x


  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @ruthie1961

    I am sorry to hear you have been so unwell, can you get anything from your doctors reporting what happened during your stay and what tests you have coming up?
    Senior online community officer
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    Things they want to see are medical letters (from doctors, consultants,nurses, anyone medical involved in your care), prescription lists, diaries which I can find a template of online, statements from friends and family which can confirm what you're telling them in yr claim form as to how yr condition affects you. Hope this helps 
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    [email protected]

    Welcome to our online community I do hope that we can help/support you ?????

    I'm so sorry that things are not so good currently.

    I have attached a link below to help you but please please let me know if you have any problems ????


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    Hello ruthie1961

    Although it is useful to have medical reports the assessor should take sufficient information on the day to assess any change in your condition. 

    The assessor may for example ask how long you are on oxygen for, and does this then allow you to look after yourself without any difficulty or without the assistance of others. If this is not the case, you need to detail any difficulty you have e.g. how long it takes you to dress, do you have difficulty bending or reaching due to breathlessness, do you have problems standing to wash, or even does the exertion of washing yourself mean that you need someones assistance, does exertion of standing from a  seated position cause breathlessness that means you have to hold on to something to catch your breath. They will also ask about how far you can walk, and in particular if you go shopping, or how you manage to get to the GP.  They will also observe how you walk and breathlessness if you answer the door.  They will use your answers and observations to assess walking ability. 

    I have put a link to a list of PIP descriptors, it may be worth looking at these.  For the standard award you need to score 8 points and for the enhanced award it is 12 points. 


    Good luck, and please keep us updated.

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