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School refuses to statement

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My son has just undertaken an ASD assessment due to behavioural issues. He's 14 and this is the only assessment he's had after being under paediatrician for 3 years. The outcome says he's not autistic however we argued then could it be PDA but apparently they don't  do this or consider it under there current criteria. They did however say he had the IQ of a 9 year old. I'm not sure what this means is does he have a learning disability and if so what help can he get. School refuses to statement his due to money. I feel like I don't know which battle to fight next, I'm exhausted with it all I just need someone to help me and support me in what to do next. 


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    Hi @Sam1506

    Welcome to our online community I do hope that we can help you with this ???

    I have attached some info for you below please please let me know if you have any problems wot ti ???
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    Hello @Sam1506 and welcome to the community.

    Any parent in your situation I would recommend IPSEA

    It is packed with information and has a help line. For your own sanity you do need to pick your fights, but with the right information and help you do so from a position of strength.

    Another important resource, if you are not in contact with them is your local Parent Partnership. If you google this term along with you council, town or city you should be able to find them and what they do. Just checked, if the above does not provide the right result for you try IAS Services as this is what they are currently named.

    From what you have said it does sound like your child could have a learning disability, if you have not found it yet a good starting point is 

    Finally take a look at the SEND Code of Practice. Schools can choose to ignore this, but if they were taken to tribunal they would be judged by the standards set out in it. A good summary can be found at

    Sorry if parts of my post are a little confusing, different names and provisions since I was involved with SEN as a parent governor. 

    As an individual I stood alone.
    As a member of a group I did things.
    As part of a community I helped to create change!

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    Thank you for this. I feel so much better just from reading your post. You are dead right about battles and I've actually done just that. My family support worker is on annual leave until next week and I have a meeting at school about possible exclusion. I had already decided to pursue the statement myself and my FSW agreed. Once again thanks.
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    Glad you've found some support and advice from fellow members @Sam1506, best of luck for your meeting and do keep us updated on your progress! 
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    Hi @Sam1506,

    As a parent, you have the right to request a needs assessment for an EHCP. The local authority will then contact the school for information which they must provide. Once you have requested a needs assessment, you can ask for an Independent Supporter who can talk you through the process, attend meetings with you and assist with getting your views heard, see link below

    To find out how to apply for an EHCP yourself, look at your local offer. You can find this by doing an internet search for 'SEND Local Offer' and your area, or ask your independent support team or parent partnership. Good luck!