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Hello I would like to share my day with all of you and say what has happened.  After being an alcoholic for thirty years.  I was invited to a lunch by a support group I am in.  I did not know where we eating.  I found out by my support worker it was a pub.  I did not wish to go but a fellow member was leaving and the lunch was in the pub.  I had to say to my self you can do this.  As an anxiety sufferer.  I tried to get out of this but I know how hard it is to say well lets do this.  I could feel the tension and had some nausea.  I had other people around me and felt another hurdle crossed another barrier overcome.  Having people around me made feel better but still my mind was flooding back to another time or place.  I had the sense to order a lunch and water this made concentrate on my meal and made me think I have done this.  I know I probably will not do this again but first steps in trying to move on with my mental state.  I know I will be leaving this group soon as too often I have moved on a lot.  I hope this inspires others this little tale but it can be done
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