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Hi everyone I've just been told I can't have pip again all they have seen is my physical side and not my mental illness again I've scored 2 points because I need toilet help!! I'm epileptic and live alone they have not mentioned it at all I had a home visit I'm also depressed,and awaiting an appointment regarding my thyroid can anyone give me any help and support everything I told the assessor as been twisted he was also in a rush to get out of my home to his next appointment.


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    Hi fabulous and welcome

    So sorryyou are having this difficulty but alas it is all to common.

    First thing is to request a copy of the assessment report
    Next you must request a mandatory reconsideration within one month of the date of your decision letter
    It is important to understand the points system, the descriptors and the criteria for an award. A good place to start is the self test on the B&W site


    There is also lots of info on here, please have a look around and come back with any questions


    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
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    I'm so sorry to hear this. I agree with everything CR has said. Do request a copy of the assessment report and consider complaining about the rushed assessor & any inaccuracies in the report.

    You can ask for a mandatory reconsideration (MR) straight away - it's best to do this within a month of the decision, if you can. The PIP self-test will help you think about what points you should have got, and why. Bear in mind that all the activities have to be done 'safely', and you should get points if it isn't really safe for you to do things without someone else being there. If you're epileptic, then that should have been taken into account. New guidance for case managers makes that clear, so I think that is worth mentioning to the DWP when you request your MR.

    As for your mental illness, there are lots of activities which might be affected by that - again, I'd try the self-test first, so you know what points you should be arguing for. 

    You may have to appeal, but you have to ask for an MR first, anyway. If you can get support from an advice agency (such as Citizens Advice) locally, that may help, but it's not essential - lots of people challenge these decisions by themselves and are successful.

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