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Hi, my name is ottyonion!

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I am 53 and have Fibro depression. Arthritis to name just a few issues. i Had a nightmare 19 months transferring from dla to pip. Went through mr then 2 tribunals 1st one adjourned so they could get report from GP(my go had Never been contacted) my Assessors lies through her teeth, I was disgusted by her behaviour.second tribunal increased my care component to highest but only gave me standard for mobility. As my award was for only two years by the time it was awarded I was due  another assessment, this awarded me no mob again so another mr then a further tribunal. This awarded enhanced mobility but lowered my care even though not 6 months earlier the tribunal awarded me enhanced. My biggest fears are for my 28 yr old severely autistic non verbal daughter and my 24 yr old autistic son. They are both on life award dla and I’ve just had the letter for my daughter to apply for pip as even though she has a life award she can’t automatically transfer to pip. I spent 20 mins explaining her disability to pip who are now sending out the reem of applications I have to fill out on her behalf and there is no exceptions. Hanna has to have a face to face assessment with ‘atos” or the like, even though she is non verbal. Hanna is extremely vulnerable, has unpredictable acute behaviours and has a 2 to 1 support at all times, I know this is going to be traumatic at best!! There will be two of us with her on the day and I will be recording the meeting. No one lies about my kids and gets away with it, .Not sure how long it will be before Adam has to go through the same. What chance do either of them have when I had to go through hell for nearly two years and I have a voice!! 


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    Hi @ottyonion

    A very very big welcome to you this mourning.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your problems with (pip)

    We have got lot's off info & advise on "pip"

    There is also "Benefit Advisors" to call on !!!

    Many off our members are in the same "Ship" as you & they are at different "stages"

    Please please let let me know if you need any help with them ????

  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @ottyonion, and welcome.

    I'm so sorry to hear about all that you've had to go through to receive the support you need. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you to know that your kids may be facing the same challenges. 

    What stage of the process are you/your daughter in at the moment? Is there anything specific we can advise you on?

    As Steve says, unfortunately many of our members have had similar experiences. At the very least, I hope it helps to know that there are people on your side and willing to support you! 


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