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Hi, my name is nikki1471!

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Hi everyone this is my first post so please bare with me. I made a claim for pip on the 25th of August this year 2017 I have always had back pain but never really new why. In July 2017 I had a fall and was in so much pain with my back. I went to the doctors and had a xray on my back. They said it came back fine and they didn' know why I was in so much pain. Anyway that was early July and by August I couldn' hardley walk. I kept going back to my gp who then said I should apply for pip so I did. I had my face to face very quick within 3 weeks of me first applying. Anyway I didn' get anything for daily living but I did get standard mobilty. In this time I was back and forth to the doctors and he said to me I should appeal against the decision so I did. I then had the letter come back saying they wasn' going to change anything. I then ended up In hospital and had to have an emergency MRI scan and was on morphine for my pain. I then find out I have prominent epidural lipomatosis. That means my dural sac in my spine is compressed. I left hospital 5 days after I was admitted with morphine patches and also oral morphine. My doctor sent in a letter to pip saying I can't walk no more than 5 meters with a stick and I also can not get up any stairs.
  I sent in my MRI scan and a whole list of controlled drugs that I am now on. I have now had my second mandontry reconsideration turned down. Although they have awards me extra points for daily living and mobility they have now taken everything away so the £88 pounds a month I was going to get from August this year they have stopped they are saying that where I said this started in July they have asked a doctor if i will still be in pain in 6 months there doctor has said no I don' think she will so they have taken it all away and I have to pay the £88 pounds back to them. All my hospital letters, scans, xrays, dischage letter and gp letter wasn't good enough.
I feel like crying and don' know what to do. I rang them when I was in hospital and no one told me I would need to get a doctor to say I will still be in pain in 6 months time from today if my doctor new that she had to put that she would have. What can I do has anyone had this happen to them. Can someone please help. Thank you 


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    Hi @nikki1471, and welcome to the community.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, it sounds like you've had such an ordeal trying to manage this on top of your health concerns. I've moved this post into our Ask a benefits advisor category, as they will be better placed to offer you some support and advice on this matter. Please do keep us updated and we'll do our best to support you.
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    Thank you I will let her know she had to go back into hospital as she might need surgery on her back. I'm her partner. I the GP has sent us straight to hospital with a letter 

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    Sending all good wishes to both of you @nikki1471!
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    Hello nikki1471, and partner. I'm sorry this has all gone a bit wrong, and that you are having health problems as well as trying to manage your PIP issue. One of the eligibility criteria for PIP is that they won't start paying benefit until you have shown that you have satisfied the conditions for the past three months,and that you are likely to satisfy them for at least nine months into the future. If your doctor's letter said that your condition would not last nine months into the future, then the DWP probably had little option but to turn you down, unfortunately. If the situation has changed, for instance if it has deteriorated, you may be able to make a new claim which is likely to succeed. I strongly suggest you try and get some help with deciding whether to carry on with your current claim / appeal, or whether to start again on the grounds of deterioration. This will depend on your current and future diagnosis. The Scope helpline (0808 800 3333) will be able to give you details of any local advice agencies that may be able to support you through this. Sometimes Citizens Advice or similar may have outreach workers based in your hospital. There is also excellent advice and support (online) available for people on www.benefitsandwork.co.uk. This is partly a subscription site, but there is very good information available to non-members as well.
    I hope you feel better soon, and that your claim does eventually resolve.

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    Hi everyone just wanted to give u a update.  so Nicole got the forms wrong and stated her last accident and in fact not when she started to have problems with her back. I phoned pip today and spoke with a nice guy who said that because we have professional statement back in July 2016 when Nicole had to be signed off work with back pain that he has put in for a 3rd reconsideration due to the fact we have evidence and also evidence that she was waiting to see a specialist about her incontinence back in 2014.. He did say that with her sick note being back in July 2016 that it covers over a year. he did say that they may not change it from standard but her GP has written a letter to say that now she can longer walk no more than 5 meters even with a stick.  he has told us to do a letter and say that he has told us to do this he gave us his name to put in the letter and that he feels it should be OK as I said to him if it goes to appeal a judge would probably say once the sick note was in why wasn't this sorted by the dwp. I he said not to worry that I got it wrong as many people do and the fact she has a sick note resulting in her being unwell for work and that it hasn't got better in fact it has got worse should go along way with making them see that it is in the time period as she has now had this for one year and 4 months. All we can do is wait now and see what they say but if it does go to appeal at least we have everything. They have advised us not to do a new claim until this evidence has been looked at. We will keep you all updated as to what happens. 


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