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Universal credit claim

HalimaHalima Member Posts: 4 Listener
edited November 2017 in Universal Credit
Hi has anyone any helpful advise, i lost a court appeal (  for which ive appealed again) since 2016 feb i was put on lower rate ESA /JSA.. finally court date again refused, had to make Universal credit claim because my area only does this now, i provided medical note as i have numerous conditions but im being told i still have to search for a job otherwise i can be penalised...i have to wait 5 weeks for any allocated money from this claim. Just wanted to know is there anything i can do, as i am appealing /set aside the court decsion.


  • onlygirlonlygirl Member Posts: 19 Connected
    Hi there, my son is in exactly the same position. He's now just 20 so my child tax credits for him have stopped. He's had to apply for universal credit. He's in college 18 hours a week. Has a 13 week fit note and has ASD Dyspraxia and ADD. He has had to committ to looking for work for 25 hours each week. Today they agreed to include his college time in these hours. They want more information regarding his educational and Health Plan. Were not sure at thus stage whether this will change
  • onlygirlonlygirl Member Posts: 19 Connected
    You can apply for an advance of £125 we were just in the process of this when our local centre was evacuated after some guy came in with a knife...
  • HalimaHalima Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hi yes i have been told i can apply for advance which i have to pay back.....i guess my Q was really should universal credit force me to look for a job with a sick note? Thanks for your reply appreciate.
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Halima, welcome to the community! Really sorry to hear about your current situation, and I hope things get resolved soon. Our benefits advisors are receiving a particularly large volume of queries at the moment, but somebody will be in touch to advise you further ASAP.
  • onlygirlonlygirl Member Posts: 19 Connected
    Hi Halima...apparently yes they can however they can be flexible with the number of hours you have to spend. What they told us was. .you need to be on the LCWRA rate. Then you are again assessed after 12 months
  • HalimaHalima Member Posts: 4 Listener
    LCWRA???? i dont know what is that
  • onlygirlonlygirl Member Posts: 19 Connected
    Limited capability for work and work related activity
  • onlygirlonlygirl Member Posts: 19 Connected
    We just received a LCW form to complete
  • HalimaHalima Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Does that mean u still have to search for work although you submit sick notes?? Where do you get these forms from??
  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,692 Pioneering
    edited November 2017
    Hi Halima,

    If you provide a sicknote UC should send you a UC50 form. This is a form where you tell them about your health problems and answer questions as to how your health problems affects your daily functioning. You will then be sent for a medical assessment where they will decide whether you have limited capability for work (in English this means whether you are fit for work or not). If you have submitted sicknotes then the process should have started and a UC50 should be on its way soon. Unlike with ESA, a sick note for UC doesn't mean you are exempt from looking for any work at this stage and you really need to discuss your limitations with your work coach to see if your UC agreement can be amended to reflect them until you have had a decision on your capability for work.

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