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Capability assesment

Hi I've got to go for an assessment for the 2nd time, obviously lost 1 has questions that were asked to me were not put in has my answers I gave, I had my friend with me and we both agreed but most of us know asser was to fail me b4 I even entered the room , so lost one went to appeal and lost That, on the advice of my local job centre was told to applied again and got go through same process, I have a motorbility car so can an ESA appeal loss they can take my car away also , they haven't done yet but they brought up about my car ?? 


  • CockneyRebel
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    ESA has no bearing on motabillity car. Mobility is a payment made through PIP and only losing your enhanced rate of PIP mobility award will remove you access to your car

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  • stuswinn
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    That' for that didn' want to sit here and rott away but don' know what' this country of ours doing to there own , with people sleeping on streets and ripping the disabled apart, but if the M P s had there money they get cut in half then the ordinary people won' suffer so much to be honest only see a MP when there' a vote other wise what they do for any ordinary English residents, 
    But yeah let' give billions n billions to other countries and let our own suffer 


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