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How to make a late mandatory decision??

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Hiya my name is Zowie..I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice please..I had my pip stopped back in March..the person who done my review put a load of lies in her that time I wasn’t in a very good place so I just left it I didnt have anyone to help me with it nor did I know what I had to do to appeal it..I was talking to a Friend that told me that I can make a late I rang and was told I have until March next year..but I still don’t have anyone to help me know what I need to do this..I’m under investigation for ms and have just had a mri scan..and I’ve also been told by my specialist that I need a op on my back..that I’m refusing to have as I have children and can’t be laid up..and what if something was to go wrong..I was wondering if there is anyone that can give me some advice as to who could help me with this..I also suffer from mental health too..thank you for taking the time to read this



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    Hi Zowie

    Have you contacted the CAB ?

    Usually an MR request should be within a month of your decision letter but late appeals can be made with good reason up to 13 months

    Usually you will need an MR decision to appeal to the tribunal but it is possible now to appeal straight to tribunal

    So First Try and get advice from CAB
    Second , request a mandatory reconsideration from DWP stating your reasons for being late. This will likely be denied
    Using form SSCS1 enter a request to the ftibunal staing both your reasons for being late, and your basic reasons for appeal. You may also have to explain the the DWP refused to accept your late request

    Please do come back with anty questions

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste


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