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Hi, my name is tibbytoad!

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I am a stroke survivor of 5 years I am constantly trying to improve my walking and left handcurrently having issues at work with a non understanding new manager


  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @tibbytoad, and welcome!

    Sorry to hear you're having work issues. As I'm sure you know, managers have a responsibility to support their employees. Have you discussed reasonable adjustments? Scope have some great information on work related issues that's definitely worth a read.
  • steve51
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    Hi @tibbytoad

    Welcome to our community/online family!!!!

    Yes I had my Stroke in 1998 & I have faced many many 
    challenges on the way!!!!!

    Work was one of these, where I had both “good & bad” experiences!!!!!

     Please please let me know if I can help/support you in anyway?????