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Hi everyone, need some advice. I moved to Essex 16 months ago due to health reasons, and be closer to my children for help and support. I can't get on council housing list due to not living in area for 3 years. Also due to giving up flat in Scotland i intentionally made myself homeless by council view. They can help with a deposit guarantee scheme ( when i eventually find a landlord who will accept it), my question is, can the council help with estate agent fees? My daughter's friend said she got help with agents fees, but i have to wait til new year before i can have appointment with a housing officer before i can ask them. Just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of help. Sorry post is long. Thank you x


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    Hi @magsy1964

    A very very big welcome to you this evening.

    I’m so sorry that you are having such problems currently.

    I forward your post onto one of our “Community Experts”
    to offer you some help/advice.

    Hi @Debbie_Scope

    Can you please offer me some help & advice with this post ????

    Many Thanks.

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    Hi @magsy1964

    Sorry I forgot to mention that our “Community Experts” only Work/Help is Mon to Fri.

    If there is anything that I can help you with in the interim please please let me know.

    I’m here the majority off the time  (7 days per week)

    Sorry again !!!!!!!
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    Thank you steve51, appreciate your help. 
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    Hi @magsy1964

    Thanks !!!

    Please please let me know if you haven’t heard anything first thing on Monday & I will be on there case for you !!!!!!

    Many thanks.
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    Hi Steve51, sorry i haven't contacted you til now, but wifi on the caravan park i'm staying on doesn't have a very good signal. Just to let you know i haven't heard from anyone from housing on here yet, maybe i will tomorrow? x
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    Hi @magsy1964,

    Sorry for the late reply, I hope you're well and warm today.

    Estate agent's fee might be a housing cost that can be covered by a Lump Sum Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)

    The DHP Guidance states-

    ‘Housing costs’ are not defined in the regulations and this approach purposely allows broad discretion for interpretation. In general, ‘housing costs’ usually refers to rental liability, although the term can be interpreted more widely to include:
    • rent in advance;
    • deposits; and
    • other lump sum costs associated with a housing need such as removal costs.
    I would say that the agent fees are a housing cost and could be covered.

    In order to apply for a DHP, you have to already be receiving housing benefit.

    If you're not getting housing benefit and you can't find the fees anywhere else, ask the local authority if they will pay the fees from their rent deposit scheme or homelessness prevention fund. It's always tricky when intentional homelessness is an issue but persevere and hopefully you'll be able to raise the funds.
    There's budgeting loans too. 
    As you say though, finding a landlord will be a challenge in itself.

    I hope you're able to get everything sorted soon and come back if you need further advice.

    Best wishes