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My 12yr old struggling

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Hi my 12yr old daughter has been taking fluoxetine medicine  for 40 days and has just opened up to me that she was struggling at school as she felt everyone was looking and talking about her and that she became paronoid  and could not cope and that is why she will not go back to school or go out cyps want her to go come to them tommorow so that they know that she is fully committed and if she can't then they are going to take her to hospital can anyone advice me thank you.


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    It is a shame that one so young has to go through this. It is quite possible that it could be a side-effect but it is also possible that she is feeling 'different' and has expanded that into people seeing her differently. Either way you should discuss this with her GP or with an MH professional asap to try to find a solution.

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    Hi @blue63, sorry to hear this- it sounds like things are tough for both of you. As TK suggests, this is definitely an issue to discuss with your daughter's GP or a medical professional, as they are in the best position to help. Let us know how you get on, and if you need any further support.
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    Hi can i just ask for more advice my daughter  is trying to do more and with help from her medicine I feel she is doing well the cyps people are saying well the nurse is saying it's behaviour as she can do things sometimes and not other times she has anxiety and depression that's why she is on medication is anxeity and depression  a behaviour thing .