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Hi, my name is wilko!

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Just got home from the family service at  St Patrick's Catholic Church CORSHAM wilts where the young children acted out the Christmas story.. FR John let us with some humor,
patrick's father, grand father and great grandfather all walked on the water to go to th pub on the other side of the lake to have their first legal taste of Beer. Being Patrick's 18th he and his mate Jimmy rowed the boat partway across the lake then Patrick got out and nearly drowned, Jimmy just manged to haul him bac into the boat. Patrick went to his grandmother distressed and asked why he couldn't walk on the lake like his father, grandfather and great grandfather did on their 18th birthday. Taking the clay pipe out of her mouth looked hard at Patrick and said, today is your 18th birthday the 15 of August your father, grandfather and great grandfather's birthdays where in January when the lake is frozen.